Used electric car? Why it’s convenient

Net of any inconveniences along the way, savings at the time of purchase will also be followed by a cheaper coexistence than with a used internal combustion engine: fewer mechanical components , equal less need for routine maintenance .

One of the reasons why it is useful to sift through the offers of used electricity lies (obviously) in their quotation . Precisely because demand is still scarce, “zero emission vehicles” are afflicted with very rapid devaluation , undoubtedly higher than that of a petrol or diesel vehicle. Considering that one of the obstacles to the diffusion of electricity is called the list price (although today largely reduced by eco-bonuses and local incentives ), the first problem is therefore easily circumnavigate¬†used cars in san diego

Used electrical equipment depreciates quickly, in turn even batteries lose most of their chemical-physical properties over the years , with autonomy decreasing linearly. Although the Manufacturers generally apply an 8-year guarantee to the accumulators, the age and wear that each recharge cycle involves are factors to be carefully considered. Exclude electrics with more than 2-3 years of life, and with a mileage of more than 70,000-80,000 km .

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Still on the subject of autonomy: technologies are evolving rapidly, a latest generation EV travels without stopping even for 300-400 km (depending on the model). An electric car prior to 2017-2018 will hardly travel more than 200-250 km , even if in good condition. Focusing on the secondary market in this sense means taking a step backward cheap used cars for sale in san diego

NO BONUS, NO PARTY  Finally, returning to the subject of prices: second-hand vehicles are excluded from eco-bonuses and other forms of incentives, even if you go through the dealership channel. Right now that buying a new low-emission car is a gesture that is finally rewarded by the state and by the regional governments more sensitive to ecology, preferring a second- hand electric car to a first-registration one would actually be a real shame.

In general, car rental increases affordability and gives many the opportunity to rent a new electric car. If you are not interested in renting a new electric car or are on a tight budget, buying a used electric car is an option to consider. We at e-zoomed strongly encourage consumers (companies and households) interested in buying a used car, to choose an electric car instead of a petrol or diesel car. The benefits of electric driving are numerous, and the sooner you migrate to an electric car.