Why Single Axle Trailers are more popular Than Ever

Today’s popular single axle trailer which is towed behind a vehicle is normally used to carry items from place A to place B. This type of vehicle is the most basic in features and makes use of just the one axle, to which two wheels are secured to let it ride comfortably behind a vehicle.

You must have already seen this kind of trailer being put to use, for hauling smaller weighted items. Any weight over a set weight limit will increase the possibility of it turning over, and that’s something which no one wishes to occur.

  • The trailer is solidly attached to vehicles, such as a van or SUV, although you will sometimes see cars with smaller versions of this kind of trailer.

The Single Axle Trailer Design is Different to Others

  • Many of these types of trailers are contained, providing them with a layer of protection for its contents from the outside weather and from any thievery or damage.
  • Another type is the open-air design, where the rear end can be lowered to make a ramp for helping to load or unload.

These are Very Popular with People Who Have an Interest In:

  • Jet Skis
  • ATV’s (AKA quads)
  • Motorcycles
  • Hauling around heavy equipment such as heavy gardening equipment

Safely Attached

The single axle trailer is secured to the pulling vehicle by way of a hitch receiver at the rear end of the vehicle. The hitch receiver’s towing weight limit and the size of the vehicle doing the towing, will inevitably determine the capacity of any trailer which can be safely hauled.

  • Robust safety chains are also put into place between the trailer and the hitch for additional security should the hitch system happen to fail.

Under UK law, every trailer must be installed with trailer lighting systems which work in sync with the towing vehicle:

Also, the axle, wheels, and tyres must be the correct size and be able to work safely on all types of road.The trailer’s frame must also be built sturdy enough to make certain that there’s no loss of control on the nation’s motorways.


A number of single axle trailers are made for specific purposes.

  • For instance, a car hauler is a short, single axle vehicle which allows for a car or a truck to be securely attached to the trailer and then transported.
  • Other sorts of single axle trailers are utilised for the purposes of towing small boats and various kinds of motorbikes.

These designs can also be open or enclosed, all of which will depend on the requirements of the vehicle’s owner. Sometimes, the size of the trailer will be slightly larger and the trailers will then need two axles or more, as in the flatbed design type. (All depending on the dimensions of what is being transported)

This kind of trailer looks certain to stay popular for the mean time and also well into the future!