Bashir Dawood -For Sustainable Global Health Solutions for One Planet

Aga Khan University and its hospital in Karachi are Pakistan’s medical research centres. Scientists at Aga Khan University often initiate key projects for national medical progress, and it is important to recognize the central role that learning plays in improving society as a whole. Thanks to funding from Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood, CIME received an advanced technological suite for medical education. The facility enables students to acquire medical skills in risk-free situations using real-world scenarios simulated with virtual reality technology.

The CIME consists of three buildings:

The Ibn Sina building, the Shiraz Boghani building, and the Mariyam Bashir Dawood building. The donor-funded centre has a teaching room, a hi-fi simulator, and a specialized medical learning environment. These include telemedicine clinics, cardiac catheterization labs, and phantom head dental labs. The most modern communication technology complements this sophisticated equipment. This will allow international professionals to attend classes from anywhere in the world, adding even more value to AKUH education. Mariyam Dawood is honoured to have given her name to one of the three CIME buildings. It was dedicated to her and her husband Bashir after pledging his substantial philanthropic support to the project.

Mr Bashir Dawood provides services to build high-quality educational and health facilities in Pakistan and is now playing a key role in expanding the Sindh Hospital in Kuranji, Karachi.

About Maryam Bashir Dawood Eye Center

Maryam Bashir Dawood Eye Center is located in Sindh Hospital on two floors (basement and second floor) in a new building covering approximately 15,528 square feet. This room has four counselling rooms, four diagnostic rooms, two operating rooms, and five rehabilitation beds for daily surgeries. If this unit is equipped with four ophthalmologists, it can examine about 55,000 visitors annually and perform about 12,000 eye surgeries annually. Some of the eye care services are being offered for the first time in Pakistan. A new 1,200-bed facility at Sindh Hospital will benefit some of Karachi’s poorest patients once the centre is operational by 2022.

To improve the general environment of Sindh Hospital, Maryam Bashir Davood Square has been built in such a way that all patients who arrive at Sindh Hospital while waiting for their treatment will feel more comfortable and relaxed. Construction of the yard will begin soon and will be completed in March 2020. For decades, the Dawood family has supported several charities in Pakistan and around the world. Facilitating the creation of sustainable global health solutions is an effort they are proud to support.