Commercial Refrigeration is a wise investment

In today’s world of fast food and quick meals, opening a restaurant or a commercial kitchen makes for an ideal business option. Almost all the commercial kitchens seek to invest in a good commercial refrigerator. Come to think of it, operating without one seems nearly impossible.

Advantages of commercial refrigeration:

  • Increase your storage capacity exponentially
  • Storing more products means serving more number of customers
  • Save costs by storing off-seasonal products
  • Increased sales and new business opportunities
  • Cater to a diverse range of customer demands
  • Gain competitive edge over small rival businesses

Now that we have seen the multiple advantages of installing a commercial refrigeration setting, it is also important to realize the difficulties one might face if maintenance is not thoroughly thought of beforehand. This is because to the naked eye, the underlying problems might not be seen immediately. There is a high chance that the company from which you purchased the freezer won’t bother to take care of it unless it is within the warranty period. So it goes without saying that you must be aware of what to expect from such devices. The next best option is to hire the services of a professional team such as NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Known to be prompt, reliable and efficient, they are the most sought after specialists in Commercial Melbourne Refrigeration the Yarra Valley, Regional Victoria and Australasia. Their core business is providing nonstop, round-the-clock support services and maintenance for all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration.

What began in 2006 as a small unit has slowly but surely grown to become a reputed name in providing exceptional services to new and existing clients. The dedicated team of specialists have the technical knowledge, expertise and licenses to work with all types of refrigerants including ammonia and glycol refrigeration systems. All done under the able leadership of the senior management that has over 45 years of combined experience delivering commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions to a wide range of organisations.

The cost-effective tailored refrigeration solutions cater to a wide range of industries from small boutique operators to larger industrial ammonia plants across the following industries:

  •   Wineries
  •   Cold Storage
  •   Orchards & Fruit Processing
  •   Milk Processing & Dairies
  •   Brewing & Beverage
  •   Pharmaceutical
  •   Fresh Produce
  •   Chemical Processing
  •   Mining
  •   Hospitality
  •   Confectionery
  •   Food Services
  •   Emergency Services
  •   Meat
  •   Poultry
  •   Small Goods

The Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Services primarily include:

New Plant & Equipment Installation

Equipped with the know-how and experience of designing and installing refrigeration solutions, the specialists at NKS will come up with a design that not only suits your requirements but also easily fits within the budget

Existing Plant Refurbishments, Retrofits & Upgrades

This service includes refrigerant retrofits using new drop in refrigerants so as to extend overall equipment life and also save costs as compared to equipment changeovers. Their retrofits ensure to improve reliability, and meet new environmental standards.

Cool Room Design & Installation

As experts in designing and installing commercial cool rooms and freezer rooms, the team ensures to use the highest quality systems and materials that adhere to environmental Australian standards and are built to work smoothly in Australian conditions.