Follow These Money Management Techniques to Reduce Loses


There are several money management techniques which should be followed so that a Forex trader can minimize their financial casualties. When the market crashes, lots of business people become frustrated by losing money.

Money management techniques to follow

These are the money management techniques that a newbie must follow –

1.      Be careful of the reward: risk ratio

When entering a trade, you have to be careful of the reward: risk ratio because beginners often become confused about these terms. Look for the higher reward: risk ratio as it indicates greater chances of making profits. It is one of the top money management techniques, which can save a lot of money from being wasted. Expert traders always suggest that new retailers check that the reward: risk ratio should be 2:1, which will ensure success. A lower ratio may increase the chance of loss. For example, if you are sure that you can earn $200 from your $100 investment, it will be called a 2:1 risk: reward ratio.

2.      Don’t forget to use stop-loss

A stop-loss order is important for all the traders because it guarantees a retailer that he won’t lose a notable amount of investment on each trade. Though the conditions of the market sometimes guide the stop-loss order to not being performed at a specific price. Most of the time, traders work only to avoid financial losses. Visit and see how the elite traders are taking their trades. Soon you will learn to execute high quality trades without having any major issues. Be smart and learn to use protective stops so that you can protect your capital.

It doesn’t matter what you will use volatility stops, and time stops, chart stops, you have to ensure that you have set the stop-loss order. The market conditions include placing an order around the resistance and support levels, channels, trendlines, chart patterns, and the volatility of the currency pairs.

3.      Risk in each trade

The risk of a trade is the amount of money a trader is ready to lose. Money management techniques always protect retailers from losing a notable amount of money. Besides, a series of losing trades can be fatal, which, in turn, leads to more trading casualties.

Experienced traders report that a beginner should keep the upper limit of the risk of 2% of the business account, and if it is possible to keep it even lower, it will be better. The risk in each trade determines the net position of each trade.

4.      Utilize leverage properly

Traders are attracted to this Forex market because of leverage. The leverages are offered by the FX trader. It is true that leverages are necessary to make a profit, but using too much can ruin the trading career. Retailers should remember that more significant leverages increase the possible losses in each trade.

Before entering any trades, every dealer should determine the size of their lots and position. In order to avoid a greater crisis, you should always be wise while using leverage in your business.

5.      No emotions

Emotion has already ruined a lot of potential careers. When a dealer loses a series of trades consecutively, they become emotional and want to make the money back. This kind of attitude often causes you to lose your money because traders at this time start making decisions based on their emotions.

On the other hand, there are some situations when traders get overconfident, and they start taking greater risks. If you can run the analysis properly, you will quickly realize how your emotions are destroying the potential trades. To solve this problem, experts advise traders to use trading plans and follow money management techniques.


Previous records of successful Forex traders prove that they always followed money management techniques to minimize their economic losses and to trade in Forex. Money management is a flexible and vast topic, and plays a crucial role in handling a trader’s emotions and trading routine.