Here’s how you can check the statement of your Axis Bank credit card online

It is the 21st century and we are all well-versed with the usage of a credit card. There are also many people who think that credit cards are very risky to handle and it is a way by which a bank charges additional fees without any prior notice.

To have a clear relationship with the customers, banks offering credit cards, also provide a monthly statement which highlights the transactions and the amount of money spent in the last month. From a statement you will have an account where all did you spend. This credit card statement clears all doubt which a customer might have about the bank charging an extra amount of money.

Credit Cards are one of the important financial tools nowadays that helps to lend a loan during the payment of bills or buying any product. They are basically referred to as plastic currency. Every credit card has a preset financial limit, and therefore it is necessary to use the credit card carefully. The loan borrowed is repaid through instalment every month at a certain rate of interest decided by the bank. Thus, a credit card statement comes every month to keep you aware of your expenses and a check on the credit limit.

Although the bank will give you the credit card only after it gets the assurance that you are able to repay the borrowed amount but repaying a huge loan due to our reckless expenses can be hectic and worrisome. Your credit card statement can be exhaustive but it is highly advisable to carefully go through your statement every month.

Axis Bank also sends credit card statements to their customers if requested. There are several ways to get your Axis Credit Card statement. You can either go for an online request or you can also register to get your credit card e-statement on your phone on a monthly basis. Visit for more information on Axis Bank Credit Card statements

Benefits of credit card e-statements of Axis Bank:

  • You have access to the record of your expenses on your phone hassle-free.
  • The e-statement sent is password protected and thus maintains the security.
  • The credit card e-statements are issued without any charges.
  • You can also have the facility to download your credit card statement to keep an offline record.
  • Online statements do not require any use of papers and thus environment-friendly.

Different methods of getting a credit card statement of Axis Bank:

  1. Online credit card statement:

Visit the Axis Bank credit card statement request page and enter the required details of your credit card. You will be able to view your credit card statement after filling up the information asked.

  1. Register for credit card e-statement:

Register through five modes for your credit card e-statement every month or even on a daily basis.

  1. Through internet banking:

Log in to your internet banking account and click on ‘my profile>contact details update’. Update your email ID and register to receive your credit card e-statement every month through email.

  1. Visit Axis Bank Website:

Go to Axis Bank e-registration page and enter the details of your account number, customer ID, and date of birth to register successfully for credit card statement.

  1. Call Customer Service

You can call customer care service of the Axis Bank on their toll-free number to request for a credit card statement.

  1. Through SMS

There are SMS formats to register for credit card statements of Axis Bank every month. Type “GREEN” and send it to 5676782 to register for the credit card statement.

  1. Visit your branch

Visit the nearest Axis Bank branch and directly register for credit card e-statements.

Register for your credit card e-statement to keep a check on your reckless expenses. Use your credit card carefully.