How Companies in London Can Benefit Society by Recycling with Rubbish Removal Services

There are numerous ways that companies in London can benefit society by recycling their waste. From recycling plastics to employing environmentally friendly ways of disposing of dry waste, the benefits are limitless. How exactly does this benefit society?

It Saves Everyone Money

Due to all the landfill taxations and fines that the EU and the state government imposes, councils end up paying up to £130 for tipping 1 tonne of waste into the landfill and only £40 for recycling. Experts estimate that every home in the UK produces 1 tonne of waste annually. This means that rubbish removal and recycling can help councils save money that can then be used on other beneficial public services. Recycling assists the council in offsetting waste disposal costs by allowing citizens to sell the collected materials to the manufacturers so they can make new products such as cans, newspapers, and bottles.

It Helps Conserve Natural Resources

Most natural resources are finite or in short supply. It is, therefore, important to conserve them through these processes:

  •       Recycling plastics –Manufacturers use the fossil fuel hydrocarbon to make plastics. It is paramount to recycle these items, as it means less new plastics on the market.
  •       Recycling wood and paper –This is a great way to save trees and forests in general. Although people can always plant new trees, they cannot afford to replace ancient woodlands and rainforest once they have been destroyed.
  •       Recycling glass –This will reduce the need for new raw materials such as sand. There are some types of sand in the world whose levels are going down.
  •       Recycling metals –This means that there will be less need for mining and extractions of new ores, which are damaging the planet.

It Reduces Incineration

Although incineration can be used to generate energy, some environmental campaigners feel that it is a controversial topic. This is because they’re worried about the pollution that incineration causes. It generates a lot of carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment. Some of the incinerated materials could also be recycled and put to good use. However, some rubbish removal companies in London use incineration as an easier option to investing in good recycling.

Recycling Helps Conserve Energy

When manufacturers make things from recycled materials, they use up lesser energy than if they do so using new raw materials. For example, to produce new aluminium from recycled materials, manufacturers use 95 percent less energy than when making it from new raw materials. In the case of steel, they use around 70 percent less energy. Also, when paper is made from recycled pulp, it uses 40 percent less energy than when it’s made from raw wood fibres. The total amount of energy saved when a single glass bottle is recycled is enough to light an old 100-watt bulb for up to four hours. A new LED bulb can remain bright for even longer.

Recycling Protects Wildlife and Ecosystems

When rubbish removal companies in London recycle materials, there’s less need for extraction and harvesting of raw materials. This means there will be less damage and harmful disruption to the natural world. Fewer rivers will be diverted, fewer trees will get cut down, and less wild animals will be displaced and harmed. There will be less water, air, and soil erosion too. When materials are recycled, waste is kept out of the ecosystem. Most of the plastic that’s discarded ends up in oceans, where it wreaks havoc.

How Companies Are Helping With Waste and Junk Recycling

There are numerous rubbish removal companies that have taken the initiative to recycle waste to help keep the environment clean. One such company is Junk London. It’s the biggest waste removal company in London, covering the entire capital. They offer same-day services, and the best part is that they divert 100 percent of the collected waste from landfills by recycling it whenever they can. To make the rubbish collection process seamless, Junk London even allows its clients to book online.