How to keep Your Job During Uncertain Times

CNN recently reported that more than 14 million Americans are unemployed, with five people for every job available. So basic math confirms that we have more unemployed people than we have available jobs. If you work hard and do your best to stay that way, you’ve probably heard and understood the statistics. Now is not the best time to look for work.

Unfortunately, there are always employees who seem to confuse your priorities. Unless you have a big trust fund or you didn’t win a big lottery, chances are you need a job. Now is not the time to quit your job or work poorly, because you when you visit, you will believe that at the end of the rainbow, “something better” awaits you. Think about it, because you can walk to the end of the rainbow and find not a pot of gold, but a long line at the employment office. In these volatile times, be grateful that you have a job, and then find out how to stay in it.

These are just a few examples of behaviors that can help you keep your job:

1) Be a team player. No matter what position you are in, at some point you will need the support and cooperation of your colleagues. Keep this in mind when you have the opportunity to help or support a colleague. You can be sure that management will monitor your support. On the other hand, if you don’t want to help out and be part of the team, this little piece of information will get to management even faster than a good deed!

2) Do not accept personal calls or surf the Internet at work. You are not paid to manage your personal affairs at work. Please wait for lunch or a break if you need to call or check the website. Many office computers are now controlled by the IT department. Submitting resumes, checking job sites, or visiting adult websites from your computer at work puts your job at risk. You may be just one click away from the unemployment line. Remember that personal calls can be heard with the wrong ears.

3) Focus on the task or project at hand. Completing the mission gives you the ability to shine. Put your best effort into each project and create a great functional product. This action will speak volumes on your behalf.

4) Be on time and avoid skipping. Your boss expects all employees to be at work and on time. With so many companies downsizing, all remaining employees must participate fully. If you are really sick, of course, you should stay home. However, now is not the time to take mental health day and be at the mall. You’re counting on your next paycheck, right? The company and the boss are counting on you.

This list could certainly be expanded. If you just use common sense and prioritize, your chances of staying at work for this indefinite amount of time will certainly increase.