How To Sell Online Courses Through Spayee

In order to Create and sell online courses in India, you need a comprehensive online course platform that makes your online courses super easy to host & sell.

Imagine creating groundbreaking online course content for your audience & the crickets!

No engagement & conversion whatsoever.

Hence, it’s equally essential to create a sale-able online course which learners are going to pay for.

To make your online course selling system work for you, you need to understand that you need the right mix of the following:

  • Check depth content from Wikipedia pages
  • Actionable & Digestible Online Course Content
  • Marketing Funnel In Place
  • An easy to use online course platform to combine the above two

Let’s assume that you are an expert in your field & have nailed the first point. Moreover, you have an audience that you know how to market.

In this post, we’ll take into account the third point & understand it in detail.

Selling Courses In India Using An Online Course Platform

We have been thoroughly researching the various available platforms & what is best for us. In this blog, I’ll be covering an Indian online course platform, one of its kind. Spayee is one such online course platform where you can sell your online courses. Right from building your white-labelled website to launching your mobile app, everything is in there.

Online Course Platform

Easy to Use Drag & Drop Course Builder

If you don’t want to be fretting over creating & then maintaining a comprehensive online course website, Spayee is the way to go for you. Just go ahead & create a free online course website. Book a demo & hang out a little bit. Once you are sure of the platform, you can go ahead and upgrade to a paid plan. Go all in. The platform is quite easy to use for both educators & learners. You can select the brand material with respect to the theme of your brand. In short, it’s a super useful platform to rely on.

Payment Gateway Integration

If you launch your own website using WordPress, you will have to integrate the payment gateway yourself. It becomes a hideous process. There are various online payment gateways like Instamojo & Razorpay. Spayee has the payment gateway integration of all the major payment gateways including Paypal. That being said, if you want to use the different currency pricing for a different country, you can do that too. It’s super helpful.

White-Labelled Online Study Apps

If you are worried about the fact that your learners won’t be opening their laptop every time they want to study, this is the solution for you. Online study apps give learners a way to learn on the go. Imagine you launch a quiz series of 10 minutes each. If you have an app, your learners can access it anywhere, anytime. All they need to do is access the app on their phone & they would be able to take this quiz on the bed, while traveling, during lunch break & whenever.

Online Live Classes

Now comes the best part. If you are someone who wants to do a doubt clearing session or conduct live classes frequently, you don’t need to move between different platforms. You can either use Spayee’s inbuilt live class platform or integrate zoom within the app. Your learners don’t have to wander around too. They can just open your course website or online mobile apps & attend class.

The whole platform is quite handy & is very easy to explore. All you need to do is sign up, set up & start selling.

You don’t need any coding experience or any prior experience handling the course platforms. These four pointers make Spayee stand out in order to sell online courses. Hence, its use