Kitchen Benchtop – Classy Benchtops, Tough Worktops

Kitchen benchtops have a significant impact on a kitchen’s overall appearance

A Benchtop can become your kitchen’s headboard, particularly if you’re going to set up a island on your own design. The kind of material you may pick for your benchtop together with the colour and style is what’s going to give your kitchen a classy appearance.

The properties and the Sort of material you select for you fresh kitchen Benchtop also needs to be a high priority in making your selection. In case you have kids in the house, materials such as granite aren’t advisable, as granite may smash and might be rather dangerous. If you’re the sort of cook who regularly whips up tasty foods and desserts for the loved ones, you are better off picking a family-safe benchtop that is scratch and heat resistant. The main point is to search for substances which have the durability to survive heavy usage, but are practical enough to match your lifestyle.

The very best potential depth for kitchen benchtops is between 600mm and 900mm

The width of your benchtop is going to be a little more determined by the distance you have available, and how you are going to utilize the seat. Substance performance ought to be considered, particularly when you’re confronted with tons of binding options; bevel, bull or around nose, half around wood and nose. These are popular Kinds of bench tops on the marketplace:

Laminate – Laminate kitchen bench tops would be the:

  • Most affordable
  • Most flexible of options
  • Most durable

Laminates have an assortment of looks and finishes to suit your house or kitchen motif, and come in a broad range of colours and finishes. The drawback for laminate benchtops is they’re vulnerable to scratching, and you also must be cautious to not put hot pots or pans.


Brick kitchen bench tops could be the perfect Selection for a rustic styled kitchen. Timber is a pure substance, and contains durability and is a more hardy material. It will not dull your knives is practically maintenance free, but it is a far more expensive option.


A granite benchtop provides a contemporary look to the kitchen. No matter your Design, the elegance of granite will always glow, and contains countless and flexible advantages in comparison to other substances. Granite is stain and scratch resistant, strong, and heat resistant also.


Granite kitchen bench tops will constantly seem fantastic. Granite remains considered a lavish option, though it can’t match the durability of the durability of wood. But to many people it simply has a terrific appearance.


Stone kitchen bench tops normally include a lifetime guarantee. Stone Benchtops are just other smart options such as:

  • Being blot
  • Scratch
  • Heat resistant

a perfect selection for all lifestyles and tastes. Stone as a material has outstanding durability, long-lasting durability, and comes in a vast array of colours and range of layouts.

Possessing excellent endurance attributes, stone benchtops have become a popular option for homeowners wishing to construct their dream home. Stone has for a very long time been the favored recommended by professional kitchen planners and contractors around the globe. Stone is a really good alternative for kitchen countertops and other work surfaces due to its durability and durability. Always seek the advice of a planner or an architect if you’re thinking about undertaking a kitchen enhancement or placing in a brand new kitchen benchtop.