Selling of Used Office Furniture by the Businesses

From small start-ups to established organizations, all businesses now realize the benefits of using used office furniture. There are many alternatives to buying new office furniture, and you can often buy used furniture of good quality and good looks, but at a much lower cost than the first-hand furniture. While used furniture may not seem like the most compelling proposition at first when purchased from a trusted source, it will often look just as good but still have high quality and durability.

This option is now more attractive than ever, and companies are looking to cut costs in the face of the current global economic recession. Used furniture is gaining popularity due to the increasing cost savings, the practicality of choosing from a wide range of furniture styles and sizes, and the growing awareness of helping the environment. Buying used office furniture is environmentally friendly and gives more life to the natural resources from which it is made.

By choosing used office furniture, you can purchase any BFX Furniture you want. You can have computer desks, chairs, and tables in many styles and materials. Used does not mean substandard, and used office furniture often comes from online stores, corporate offices, auctions, or from the sale of used items. Unfortunately, many businesses have recently gone insolvent due to the recession, but such closings, cuts, and transfers mean many used furniture is available right now. All in all, if you know the used furniture market and have a keen eye, then there is no reason why you can’t get great second hand office furniture for a fraction of the price of a new item.

Follow these points for the best chance of getting what you need:

  • Inspection: Inspect all used office furniture carefully to ensure it is in good condition.

The best conditions. Keep in mind that used furniture doesn’t mean rubbish, and you shouldn’t accept something that looks old-fashioned and has been used for years. Inevitably, the condition will not be as perfect as the new furniture, and if you find marks and scratches, you can use this to lower the price. Check fabrics and pillows for loose screws, internal damage, and mold.

  • Quality – If you shop on behalf of a company, be sure to look for quality furniture and aesthetic appeal. Premium quality used office furniture has a much longer lifespan than cheap brands. Make sure the furniture you buy matches your office environment.
  • Discounts: try to buy in bulk whenever you can, as this will lower the price. No

be afraid to point out weaknesses you find, cut costs, and always bargain.


So the next time you find your business is in a position where you need to buy office furniture, whether it be moving or just renovating your office, don’t just buy new furniture and wonder if used office furniture can work for you.