The Essence of Branding in Marketing Strategy- John Eilermann Shares His Views

While starting up with an entrepreneurial venture, branding is a ubiquitous word that all comes across. But how many of them understand what it means exactly? Had there been a clear understanding of how it works, people wouldn’t have judged it wrong, and hence the apprehensions would have led to better results. Most people are under the conception that branding essentially means positioning, but it is much different than that.

Positioning is something very fluid as a concept, as opposed to branding. Being an individual, you can position yourself in the market at the same time, at different places without much hindrance. But branding means to make your impression permanent, and give yourself the recognition that you deserve in the market. However, John Eilermann believes that to adhere to right branding rules, the entire scenario changes, and leads to complete failure.

The very essence of branding is to be known by the people, and any mistakes here can indeed make you lose your purpose. When each of the marketing pieces is being put out, there are specific ideas and look which you would want to have, and it is desired to have the same look and feel on every marketing piece. However, the great thing about branding and its rules is, you can make your own rules. Even though you have certain flexibility in creating and following the rules, you can’t get too far and keep making things out of the box.

Branding in Marketing Strategy

Basics That John Eilermann Believes Makes the Building Blocks of Branding

There are eight basic points which cannot be ignored while opting for branding. They are:

  • The name
  • The logo or the Icon
  • The specific colors chosen for the brand
  • The catch phrase making the slogan
  • The Sound
  • The Feel That Will Help You Position
  • Packaging
  • The Brand Experience in the Market

The more successfully you carry out your branding, the better you allow your company to be distinguished from the rest of the peers in the industry. As the world is getting digital every single day, it has become mandatory for the businesses to have their online presence as it allows them to stay competitive. Similar to offline branding, there’s a counterpart of it for the online world as well, and that allows the businesses to create awareness for their online followers and drive in more customers in the time to come.

Taking the suggestion from John Eilermann , branding utilizes hi-tech tools that ease out the process of online branding for the businesses. Right from using high-end graphics and animation to have some responsive design for your websites, every single factor works well to keep the online brand alive. So while planning for branding, make sure to use the best design elements possible, so that the impression you create is sufficient enough.

The benefits of effective branding have already been realized in the industry, and hence,     giving a unique look to your business is essential. The more you let your presence felt, the sooner you climb up the ladders of success.