What Are the Specifications and Usages ofa Magnetic Flow Meter?

People are using various types of machinery to measure the velocity, volume, flow, and temperature of a particular thing. For each measurement, they have different equipment. In this way, it is necessary to measure the liquid movement in a pipe. So, to measure the liquid velocity with accuracy, you can use a magnetic flow meter. They also refer to it as a mag meter that is widely useful in industries dealing with gas, chemical, water, oil, and beverage. It doesn’t possess any moving parts and able to measure the tremendous amount of fluid’s flow.

Theory and Process:

It is working based on the concept of electromagnetism that is also known as Faraday’s law. If an electric circuit makes interaction with a magnetic force, that leads to the creation of electromotive force. In this process flow tube is one of the important parts that is directly connected with the pipe. Further, the meter comprises two coils and electrodes that are an important part. Coils situate as facing each other similarly, electrodes locate each side of the meter. The coil’s duty is to create a magnetic field in a tube. When fluid flows through the field, automatically it creates proportional voltage. So, the process allows the meter to measure the fluid’s velocity.

Specifications Of a Flow Meter:

One should know some basic information like process, maintenance, and other requirements of a meter. So, they can approach someone familiar with that case. There is a need to know about the cost because it provides a piece of information include the installation and maintenance process.

Meanwhile, focus on additional key factors as follows,

  • Chemical compatibility
  • Temperature limitations
  • Quality and Pipe size
  • Pressure variation
  • Analog output
  • Magmeter types
  • Installation
  • Range and accuracy
  • Hygiene requirement

Flow Meters Usages in Industries:

There are more industries are using flow meter for fluid measurement. It is widely used in various sectors like food processing, agriculture, and so on. In water treatment plants, it is used to measure untreated sewage. Acid flow is also possible to measure the material construction by focusing on minute attention. Other than these, you can use it in the following procedures.

  • Beverages and winemaking
  • Mining and metal processing
  • Mineral products and resources
  • Power generating operations
  • Chemical processes and feed systems
  • Wastewater industries

You should notice some factors while choosing the best one. Nobody gives preference to choose a flowmeter with an inaccurate measurement. So, accuracy plays a vital role in the magnetic flowmeter. Repeatability also has concerns with accuracy because it needs repeatability in measurements. But in return repeatability doesn’t expect accuracy, but it focuses on consistency. All these factors are likely for an accurate measurement if the grounding is good. In terms of volume, it is used to give a proper measurement in low and high flow. While focusing on this information, you can get an excellent service.