If your choice is to watch “NGK” movie online.. See these things before

People who are busy with their daily routine professional works did not have time to have entertainment in their life.  For these people and other family members, who can’t go to theatres to watch movies regularly, even they want.  The aha platform gave a solution to those requirements.  Lakhs of movies available with much quality and will give theatrical experience based on infrastructure available in the home.

While going to watch Suriya’s NGK movie online, should read some interesting things.. we bring those for you.  NGK movie is the first combo of Tamil Versatile hero Suriya and sensible Director Sri Raghava.

Cast & Crew:

Suriya, Sai Pallavi, RakulPreeth Singh, Nilalgal Ravi, Uma Padmanabhan.

Story & Direction: Sri Raghava

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Producer: S.R. Prakash Babu, S.R. Prabhu


The movie NGK is portrayed under the genre of political drama.  Tamil star hero Suriya and Director Sri Raghava teamed up for the first time with this movie. Sai Pallavi and Suriya combo also for the first time.  The movie made the point, how the common man entered into politics, how he survived in that field?  What he achieved finally are the points raised in this movie.


M.Tech completed Nanda Gopala Krishna’s short name is NGK, who did not like to do jobs, while sitting in the office and doing work for the organizations.  He returns to his own village and does organic farming as a farmer.  He motivated villagers to do organic farming.  He usually solved the problems of villagers and got recognition from the people atthe Mandal level.  He felt to do something huge for the welfare of the people. It can be possible with politics only.  Then he decided to enter politics. Then he joined as an activist at local MLA.  After that, How did Gopalam change by the way he saw politics?  Whether he achieved what he intended or not is the remaining story of the NGK movie.

Besides, Gopalam faced many family problems after he entered politics.  Gopalam’s wife,Geetha (Sai Pallavi), was frequently doubtful about Gopalam, as the beautiful personal secretary accompanied with Gopalam.  How Gopalam alias NGK solved issues in politics as well as in his personal life are the interesting major points in the movie.

Reasons Why to Watch “NGK” movie:

The main reason to watch it is Suriya’s movie, and moreover, star director Sri Raghava teamed up for the first time with Suriya.

Suriya once again showed his performance, especially in the scenes of Gopalam trying to close with MLA, giving a message in Climax scenes.

Sai Pallavi is well played as a beautiful and innocent housewife in the movie.

Rakul glamour is an additional asset to the movie.  She played the role well as Media Management Tycoon.

Director Sri Raghava’s directorial skills.  This movie subject is much in contrast with his previous movies like 7G Brundavana Colony and Adavarimatalakuarthaleverule.  But he justifies the subject as much as possible.  His mark sentiment and emotional scenes were not seen in this movie.

ShivakumarVijayan’s Cinematography very well, especially in action sequences, his camera work just amazed the audience.  Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music just felt average, but in background music, he did the best.

Main highlights of the movie:Suriya’s performance, RakulPreethSingh’s glamour, ShivakumarVijayan’s Cinematography, and Director Sri Raghava’s directorial skills.

The movie available in OTT platform aha in full HD format

Click here to watch NGK movie online.

Know Some Interesting Facts About hip-hop Artists, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne

Jay-Z is a famous American rapper, song producer, record executive, and entrepreneur. His actual name is Shawn Corey Carter. He is considered to be one of the most influential rappers of hip hop. Jay-Z began his career with a debut album named Reasonable Doubt in 1996, which gained him a great critical appreciation after that he released twelve albums, from which all of them received great critical appreciation and were also commercially hit. His albums “The Blueprint” and “The Black Album” were considered as musical classics. He also collaborated with his wife Beyoncé in one of his albums.For jay z album download you can simply browse through the internet.

Few Facts About Jay-Z

  • Jay-Z also gained very high media attention and also came up as a successful businessman for his clothing brand and a chain of luxury sports bar.
  • He also made a start-up for an entertainment company of his own which also led to huge success.
  • He gained great media attention because of his marriage to Beyoncé.

 Jay-Z is one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time and is also amongst the world’s best-selling artists, as he has over 125 million record sales worldwide. He has also received great critical acclamation and has received a total of 22 Grammys.

jay z album download

Interesting Things You Should Know About Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actor, entrepreneur, and a record producer. His original name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He joined the southern hip-hop group “Hot Boys” along with his Cash Money label friends Juvenile and Turk. Later in 1997, he debuted with an album named, “Get It How You Live!”Lil Wayne released a solo debut album by the name of “The Block Is Hot” in 1999 which was critically appreciated and was certified platinum by Record Industry Association of America.For lilwayne album downloads you can simply visit the internet or some music application. Following this his albums “Lights Out” in 2000 and “500 Degreez” in 2002 were also certified to be gold.

Lil Wayne gained most of the fame and popularity because of the “The Carter” series of albums. His album “The Carter III”fetched him a Grammy in 2009 for the best rap album category. Lil Wayne was also charged for illegal possession of weapons and was sentenced for the 8-month period in jail in March 2010. His album “The Carter V” was released in 2018 and became highly popular worldwide with sales over 120 million and Lil Wayne became one of the highest-selling artists of all time. Lil Wayne currently is the Chief Executive Officer of his own record label company.

Lil Wayne not only became critically acclaimed and popular amongst the people but also was able to gain great media attention because of involvement in criminal activities and his life of fame and luxury.

Playground Equipment For Sale: What You Need To Know

The playground equipment for sale is important for the kids as these are the fundamental things to enjoy playing outdoor games. Without a piece of equipment, children will not enjoy and experience the best thing in socializing with other kids. There are a lot of factors in buying outdoor playground equipment, as the skin of a child is more sensitive.

Selecting The Right Playground For Your Kids

  • Determine the Budget. It is one of the best factors to consider before buying outdoor playground equipment. There is a lot of playground equipment today that are available on the market and also accessible online. People can make their own standard in buying playground equipment for their kids so that they can have the best quality according to their own preferences. The price is important as it will define the quality of equipment, some people prefer to have shopped online as it is direct to the manufacturer. This will lead them to a cheaper price but has the same quality. Another is that it is more convenient for a lot of people as they just need to wait for their products to be delivered.
  • Browse the Internet for Equipment. There are a lot of websites that may help every individual in choosing the playground that they like for their kids. They can read reviews from those reliable websites and look for the best price of it. The Internet is a big help to every individual as they can have the information they need instantly. Just like browsing other products, people can search for the internet what is the best brand and best features to get playground equipment.

playground equipment for sale

  • Assess Old Playground. In buying playground equipment people need to be resourceful and thrifty at the same time. This is to keep other resources, for such cases just like evaluating the current playground equipment. An individual can determine what to replace and what to keep. Through this people can save a lot of money in buying new equipment. They can just buy the needed equipment and save that playground equipment which is in good condition.
  • Consider Space. It is always a good idea to consider the place and space where playground equipment will be installed. Space is a big factor in choosing the playground equipment. Make sure that the place is safe to install the equipment and also space is enough to settle the whole playground equipment. There are a lot of people who commit mistakes because they don’t consider these two factors that may help them in the future.
  • Get The Equipment Which Has Been Labeled As Safe To Use. In choosing the best equipment people needs to get that playground equipment that is safe to use by the children. A child’s skin is different from the adults so parents need to get the one which has a labeled that it is safe to use by their children. Make sure to get the one allowed by the government to use by the children.


Playing outdoor games is very important to every child, as they can develop their skills, creativity, and attitude. They will know how to communicate with other kids and at the same time, they will be able to see the positivity of life by exercising their rights. So, in connection with these parents should give this right by providing their children safe and clean playground equipment. Choosing the right equipment for the kids is a very important role of every parent, this will ensure the security and the protection of their children while enjoying and playing them.

Useful Tips to Have a Successful Music Career

Do you have what it takes to be a successful artist or musician?

Generally, it’s not always about talent. It doesn’t need you to have a voice that can reach high notes. Also, it doesn’t mean you need an expert guitar level to become a successful artist. These qualities will only help you to become one in the future, but several artists don’t have what it takes to become successful and yet popular today. See?

Although breaking into the music industry is complicated. There are tons of challenges, competitions, and struggles present in your path. But it’ll become more manageable if you have the right guidance towards your dream. Today’s article will serve as your guide hitting the road of success becoming a successful artist or a musician.

Yeah, having a successful music career doesn’t need you to be the Beyoncé or Elvis to be labeled as “successful.” There are thousands of independent musicians who paving its way to the music industry. They perform in different places in front of sold-out crowds every concert, running their promotions, using different social media platforms to showcase their talent while of course, making money at the same time.

melbourne recording studios

Music Industry: How to Make It?

Below are the following useful tips that can help you to have a successful music career regardless of the quality of your voice, the instrument you’re playing, or the genre you decided to make.

1. Pick Your Band Members/Co-Writers Wisely

Many groups failed because they don’t have reliable and dedicated band members. Here’s the catch: Always choose a member or musician that you can depend on, both in the career and personal life. In other words, a musician that you can fully trust and can show up in different melbourne recording studios rehearsals, and practice professionalism.

2. Understand the Music Industry

As a musician, it’s your responsibility to listen and watch the charts. It’s essential to keep you on the right track of what kind of music is the latest and trend today. Know what type of genre is popular, a singing style that can capture today’s listeners. Also, watch out for the music struggling in the industry.

But it doesn’t mean you need to download every music and listen to every artist in the industry. You need to be familiar with the current news in the industry. For those who don’t do research and send their demos on CDs, even the producer says “MP3s” via email; you’ll only upset the producer.

3. DIY Booking or Promotion

Getting the attention of a booker or promoter is very frustrating in the music industry. Sometimes you’ll hear nothing from them, or perhaps, they have unreasonably high demands. So, to become successful on your own, you can do a DIY booking or promotion by yourself.

Make use of the internet as your marketing tool to promote your music. Many talented artists today use YouTube and other platforms to promote and sell their music to the listeners

Spending Time with Your Kids: Some of the Things That You Can Do

Regardless of where you live, it is a good idea to see what activities you can do where you can truly interact with your children. Each community has featured events or activities that make it possible to bond with your kids.

Make a Difference in Your Child’s Developmental Years

After all, it’s not the quantity of time that you spend with your kids but the quality of the time that makes a difference. That is why many parents wonder “what kids’ activities near me today would be good activities to choose?” One of the activities that you can enjoy with your child is a ballet. Why not take your little one to a dance studio that teaches dance to children? You can enroll your child in creative ballet lessons or even suggest a Spanish dance class to an older child.

Enrolling in Ballet

Ballet is one activity that never goes out of style. Not only is it good exercise but it is good for a child’s posture. A child learns to be disciplined with this type of dance style. What is even more fun is when you can see your child perform the dance. If you have a child that likes to express herself through movement, this may be an activity you might want to encourage and suggest.

Take Part in Swimming

Besides ballet, you might think about enrolling you and your toddler in a swimming class. It is better to teach a child swimming when he or she is very young. That erases the fear of jumping into the water. Plus, you can more easily monitor the activity. This type of activity is a great way for a parent to spend time with his or her young child. It also makes it possible for a child to become a strong swimmer after a while.

Check About an Activity Pass

To further enjoy any of the aforementioned activities, see about getting a kids’ pass to kid-friendly events in your locale. The pass will help you match your child’s interests, development, and skills to certain programs featured around town.

Usually, these activities are targeted to infant to ten-year-old children. The most important part of a human’s life is from baby to teen. That is when a person is developing physically and mentally. In fact, this development is fast and parents must therefore be prepared for the many changes that go on during the formative years.

Review the Locations and Classes on Your Smartphone

You can check on activities by referring to your smartphone and downloading an app. Activities for kids are usually listed by location and activity type. That way, you can narrow your choices first by location, then by activity type. That way, you can book your child in programs that meet his or her current developmental needs.

Spend More Time with Your Kids

By taking advantage of today’s technology, you can spend more quality time with your kids. See what kid-friendly activities are featured in your local community. Your children are only young once; make the most of the time that you spend with them.

Most Thrilling Rides of Six Flags Great America

Theme parks are a perfect getaway for a weekend. That perfect getaway gets even perfect if you get the adrenaline rush you craved for at that theme park. Being the largest theme park in the Chicago area, Six Flags Great America certainly lives up to that hype. Like all parks in the Six Flags chain, Great America is mostly about thrills that are delivered by its arsenal of roller coasters and the legions of screams they elicit can be heard from one end of the park to the other. If you’re heading to Six Flags Great America this weekend, here’s the list of rides that will definitely merit your screams.


Goliath claims the top spot of the Six Flags Great America Thrill Rides since its 2014 debut. This wooden coaster is stupefying in ways that you will not be able to understand until you find yourself in a seat, clenching the bar for dear life. When it opened in 2014, Six Flags billed Goliath as the world’s tallest, fastest, and steepest wooden roller coaster. The most adrenaline-charged part is the 180-foot drop that will have you staring directly at the ground. The slope is 85 degrees, only 5 degrees off from a complete vertical slope and there are plenty of inversions and barrel rolls along the line. With a top speed of seventy-two miles per hour, you’ll reach the exit before you can even fully let out your first scream. After falling 180 feet in a matter of seconds, you are thrust into a twisting track filled with inversions and banked curves that have a zero G-roll twist that will make your stomach drop in the most nerve-wracking way.

Goliath claims the top spot of the Six Flags Great America Thrill Rides


All hail the best ride at Great America. Although Raging Bull doesn’t go upside down, it is the tallest and longest ride in the park, not to mention it’s extremely smooth. Since its opening in 1999, Raging Bull has been the most iconic roller coaster at Great America. Bull is a roller coaster that cannot be tamed. A slow 20-story climb gives you the notion that everything is going to be okay, but then you get dropped 208-feet at speeds of 78 miles per hour into a dark tunnel under the ground, leaving you gasping for breath. The madness continues after you emerge with banked curves, helixes, and even more hills to soar down. The Raging Bull is a force to be reckoned with; just try and hold it together for more than 9 seconds. The false dip before the initial drop is sure to give you a serious case of the willies.


Vertical Velocity is a chef-d’oeuvre of simplified thrill. V2’s enormous goalpost shape summons you the moment you enter the park. This short, sweet ride sends its 28-passenger train slithering at 70 miles per hour up a corkscrew, then plummeting backward through the station house and up another vertical track, leaving riders more than 100 feet in the air, staring at the ground, only to fall back down again, rinse and repeat. Before you can even comprehend how fast you are going, you will be winding up to the top of a 185-foot tower before pausing for a split second. From there you soar backward at top speed as you rise up the other tower to feel as if you are going to be blasted into the atmosphere. The combination of pure speed and total free-fall make for one of the most invigorating experiences in the park. When riders stop at the top of the second tower, they face 90 degrees down and experience a nice pop of airtime while they hang suspended. With its intense bursts of adrenaline-pumping thrills, Vertical Velocity is not for the faint-hearted. Sit back, and try to relax, as you shoot into the sky gaining an incredible bird’s eye view of the entire park.


X-Flight is a ground-breaking coaster. There is no track above your head or below your dangling feet. This one-winged coaster allows riders to sit on either side of the track, making you feel weightless, which really gets your adrenaline kicked in. This ride gives you the feel of what it might be like to travel 55 miles per hour on the wing of a plane. Having climbed 120 feet, you’ll barrel roll, drop and even dive full speed ahead toward an airplane control tower before you narrowly escape disaster to squeeze through a keyhole opening at the last instant. While it provides virtually no negative G-force airtime, X-Flight pours on the positive Gs. Made to look like a tall, thin air traffic control tower, the trains race toward it as if hellbent on a collision. At the last possible moment, the train rotates 90 degrees and barely squeezes through the slit in the tower.


You’ll climb 10 stories and get a rush of adrenaline at 55 miles per hour while your feet draggle 100 feet high through swoops, loops, and corkscrews over some great views of the park. Opened in the ’90s, this landmark roller coaster now has clones all over the world. It is the world’s first inverted coaster in which the trains hang beneath the track. It’s not particularly tall or fast compared to other behemoths. But with its tight inversions, including a signature teardrop-shaped loop, Batman imparts some bone-crunching positive G-forces.The ride includes two vertical loops and three “heartline spins.” According to Six Flags, each “heartline spin” provides 3 seconds of zero gravity.


Modeled after Coney Island’s legendary Cyclone, Viper has all of that ride’s gritty brutality. A good chunk of the fun in riding roller coasters comes from the fear that you are going to die. Viper is a prime example. The 55 miles per hour top speed is nothing crazy, and the drops are nothing to write home about. But the way the train skids along the wooden track truly makes it feel like you are going to plummet to an unfortunate bereavement before the ride’s end.


The seats on Superman: Ultimate Flight tilt forward 90 degrees so that passengers are facing the ground before they leave the station. This positions riders in “flying” mode. As the trains maneuver through loops and other inversions, they can stretch their arms out, just like Superman, to fly through the air. TrySixFlagscoupon code to avail discount on your tickets. We bet that these rides will leave you feeling nauseous and siphoned yet extraordinarily high on adrenaline.This Superman-themed coaster isn’t faster than a speeding bullet, but it’s the only attraction in the park that forces you to ride headfirst. It doesn’t exactly replicate the sensation of flight, but the ride’s twisting pretzel loop and barrel roll will make you walk away feeling heroic.It’s the holiday season and you can definitely use an adrenaline rush amidst the hassle.

Add Wings To The Life Of Your Children

There are four stages of life and out of four childhoods is one of the best to live at. We are confident that everyone must be agreeing with our opinion. This is a stage where you have no worries, no commitments to maintain and you are the king and queen of your own life. Everybody likes kids and there are many reasons behind it such as children are very innocent. They don’t have any form of ego or jealous to anyone. Their minds are in a progressive stage and they deal with everything with excitement and enthusiasm.

Children are very innocent and all they seek from their parents and society is a simple care and love. That boosts their morale up and gives them the inspiration to move ahead with their life. And whether it is a child or an adult there is one day comes in the life which no one like to waste as another day. We call it a birthday, yes birthday is such a day when you can feel special and this is a universal truth that whether a person is known or unknown, whosoever come to know that it’s your birthday then they make a wish for you from their heart. To make such occasion more special a party can be thrown at unique places such as Marky mark childrens entertainer London. Such kinds of places are specially designed to celebrate your special occasion.

In general, people used to throw the party at their respective homes in earlier days. Usually, the party used to be excellent but to clean after party mess was the toughest challenge especially for mums. With the passage of time, things have changed and a trend of throwing a party at homes is eliminating rapidly. Now people seek such places where they can get all things together under one roof and Marky mark childrens entertainer London is one of those places.

It’s a time of technology and kids love to click their selfie whether it is alone or with friends. The good thing is that if you book such places to celebrate your children special occasion then your kid gets a chance to book a whole photo booth with selfie kid’s mirror.  Such places are well organised and a safe place to be at. You get entertained by a team of professionals which makes your child day remarkable one.

Not only kids, also adults can mark their presence as well. Such places are not expensive to be at and good thing is that you are making your child feel special in front of their mates without hampering your wallet. Children feel confident and proud of you when you offer them such gifts on their special occasion.

Marky mark children’s entertainer London is a well-organised place which offers an exciting range of party plans for your kid’s special occasion. Easy to book an appointment and they are able to handle a large amount of crowd under one roof.

Children’s Entertainment for Birthday Parties

It will be a difficult task to hire entertainment for children’s party. This is because you can find the party entertainers website with the colorful photos and videos. In real-time they do outsource the performers and make your party. These kinds of non-professional service are happening in your place. Some of them are the scam, and they will go away with your advance payment. If you have entertainment party ideas, you can do it yourself too. It is advisable to search for the best kids party entertainment services and hire them for the birthday party.

Type of Children’s Party Entertainment Service providers

The childrens party entertainment service providers are many in your locality. Some of them may have an office, and some may not. The below mentioned are few points, where you can find a professional entertainment team.

Freelance Party Entertainers

The freelance party entertainers are the best to hire for the low-budget families. You can find them locally as they advertise in print mediums. They are mostly the homemakers, part-time job doers and people with multi-talented skills. They may do the one-man show or have an assistant with them.

Private Entertainment Company

The private entertainment companies are the best to hire for all type of party. They have many types of packages to suit your birthday party needs. You can be tension free about birthday party supplies too. They will bring all the necessary supplies. Some of the service providers will give free offers like invitation printing, party bags and certificates. You can avail their premium birthday package, which is much cheaper and with full entertainment. They do the themed party for kids.

Birthday Party Entertainment for Toddlers

The birthday party performers for the kids below 4 years old must be a trained person. Most of the time, you can see they will come and finish off the show soon. They may not have much interaction with your toddlers. A professional team will have trained performers, and they just mingle with your kids within a short time.

Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids

There are many kids birthday party character entertainers. They are the best for kids above 5-years old. They do indoor birthday party games. Their full package will include the puppet show, snow, bubbles and the magic show. They are the best to do the kids themed birthday party. They do come for custom works if you have any ideas.

The children’s party entertainment is necessary to celebrate those important days of your kids. This is because, their birthday is a free day, as they enjoy after the cake cutting. You must hire a professional entertainment service provider to do it in your home or outdoors. They do give party ideas if you are doing it for the first time. You can get a perfect venue if your home is not sufficient for partying. It is advisable to compare their price and book in advance. This will make sure; you do not miss your son or daughter birthday bash.

Tips On How To Throw Successful Children Parties

Throwing a party for kids is a very erroneous task. However, when everything is planned well and the party goes without disruption, it feels like a war won. If you want to throw children parties in a budget without stress, then below are the tips;

  • Start with the guest list

When you are planning a party, you have to work on the guest list. Whether it is only the kids on your invite list or are you planning to invite the parents as well. the guest’s list also depends on the venue space. With small kids, you have to invite the parents or only the moms. However, if the party is for teenagers, you can invite the kids only.

  • Plan

After working on the guest list and deciding whom to invite, you have to plan your party. look out for party supplies, cake, and food and return gifts. You can also plan some invite cards to be sent out to the guests. If you do not have sufficient sitting arrangements, you may have to throw the party outside. Planning is a key element for a successful party.

If you are planning a theme party, you have to order supplies and return gifts beforehand and get them customized as per your theme.

  • Invite

You may go digital and create a message group to invite your guests. When you are on tight budget and do not want to spend on paper invites, you may use the digital means as well. send personal emails, messages or just call your guests and invite them over.

  • Use your creativity

Planning party for kids can be a tough task but also it is quite interesting. Kids love colors and a decorative party venue. If you are on a tight budget and cannot hire a decorator, use your creativity. Follow some exciting decoration tips on Pininterst or youtube tutorial. Engage your children in the creative works. They will be overwhelmed and will be more excited for the D-day.

  • Hire party entertainers.

Entertaining the guests is the key to the successful party. your party should not be boring. If you are inviting kids, you must plan some fulfilled activities to keep them engaged. If you are finding it tough to plan something great, then hire party entertainers. They know exactly what the kids like and have great ideas to keep them engaged. They will plan the activities to make the party unforgettable for kids.

  • Give away thank you notes

Personalise your return gifts with a thank you note for each guest. Make them feel special and tell them how much they mean to you. Kids really like it when they get some special attention.

  • Order online

Today the world is getting digitalized, so why not utilize it. When you have a short notice to throw a party and you have to manage everything, try ordering the supplies, cakes, and party essentials online. There are a whole lot of online party stores that make customized supplies in varied budgets. You can arrange a party without stepping out.

Excellent online site for movie watching without hassles

Entertainment is the one thing which everyone wants because people in the present days are running through a hectic life environment. Movies are most preferred entertainment factors for the people. Regarding watching movies, there are many online sites today hence people can visit those platforms and enjoy watching plenty of movies and serials. The 123movie is one among those platforms where the individuals are able to watch new movies and interesting television series.

Favorite movies

Though there are many online sites, you cannot find your desired movies in all those sites. But here in the case of this online site you are able to watch all your favourite movies for any number of times. You have no restriction for that. The site includes almost all the popular movies therefore you will not get disappointed in this website. It is guaranteed that you will have the best time in 123movie website. In order to find the movie, you have to enter the name of it in the search option given in the site. Once you enter the name, you can get that.

Plenty of categories

You can see plenty of categories like horror, thriller, comedy, romantic, action and fantasy etc. in the site. If you want to explore the films in those categories you just have to click the particular category that you want to open. Once you clicked that, a list of movies will be displayed then you are able to choose the desired one. The same thing is applicable for the TV serials also. You can choose the category and list out the available serials easily. There will be an option to sort the list hence you can use it to organize the list as recently viewed, new and old etc.

Likewise there are plenty of options available for you to make the search easy. Therefore you will feel comfortable here and as it is mentioned already you can find all the movies that you are searching. Hence this is the best platform for watching movies as well as TV serials. Instead of wasting your time in some other platform, you can directly visit this site and start watching.