How does one acquire bitcoins?

Bitcoins are one of the most famous cryptocurrencies that are being used in these recent times and many people are coming forward to invest in it. When you are thinking about owning them, first you have to know about cryptocurrencies. Once you are well worst in what is bitcoin, then you have to get started with it.

One can get this cryptocurrency in numerous ways and a few of them are listed down.

  • Payment for goods and services – When you are a merchant and need to get bitcoins, then you can acquire them by getting bitcoins as a payment for your products and services.
  • Purchase at the market – Another way is by buying this digital money at the market places which is called bitcoin exchange. For buying them, you should have a digital wallet in order to store them.
  • Exchange with someone – You can also get them by exchanging other form of cryptocurrencies or even your national currencies with a person who owns bitcoins.
  • Earn through mining – As you know bitcoin mining is a process of solving complex computational problems with the help of digital hardware, when you solve those problems, you can earn them. With mining, you can earn only little amount of bitcoins, to say a few satoshis.

These are a few ways to acquire bitcoins but keep in mind you should need a bitcoin wallet to store them. You can also get them free by playing some online games, doing several jobs to get it in return, writing about cryptocurrencies and more.

Check the conversion of 1 BTC to USD Easily

The bitcoin is one of the popular crypto coins that help in offering the best profits. Therefore, many people are interested in investing these currencies as if offers high profit. The profit of the crypto coins is high and therefore many people are striving hard to buy these coins. Therefore, the conversion of the coins must be known as the value can change often. Further, the bitcoin to the dollar conversion varies frequently as the value of the crypto-coin varies. For instance, 1 btc to usd offers the best results. Therefore, one should know the right value and the best way to know the same is by checking the site.

Features offered for the users

  • Instant online conversion: The conversion of the coins to the traditional currency must be accurate to know the right value of the currency. Further, one can know the best accurate value easily using this site.
  • Frequent updates: The value of the currency concerning the crypto coin varies and therefore it is important to know them using the same.
  • Accessibility: The crypto coins to the traditional currency are accessible and therefore, one can easily check the values. That is to say, you can check the value of 1 btc to usd from any device.
  • Best investments: The investments of the crypto coins will make you rich if correct moves are made. For instance, if you invest in a single bitcoin today, then the value of it will make you a millionaire in a few years.

To sum up, one can know the right bitcoin value by regular visits to the site.

How to Get Bitcoin? Things to Know

For the cryptocurrency newcomers, the highly common things that they would like to know is how you can cash out the Bitcoin and withdraw from BTC to USD currency. Irrespective of reasons, time will come where you have to turn the Bitcoin in the government-issued currency. Thus, how exactly you will get the fiat dollars or cash for the Bitcoin?

How You Can Turn Bitcoin in the USD and other Currencies

While it comes about selling the Bitcoin, essentially you have got 2 options. Though they have got their benefits and drawbacks both will suffer from the similar challenges like lack of the mass user awareness or unclear remediation processes.

Want to Sell Bitcoin Through Exchange?

Till now the highly popular method of turning BTC in fiat currency is by centralized exchanges. With the sleek user interfaces processes needed as a part of the account creation, the exchanges can allow you to link the funding bank account to start withdrawal making this process simple and painless.

Turn Bitcoin in USD by Coinbase

You have the Coinbase wallet with Bitcoin sitting and you’re set to send the funds back to local bank account. Just follow the steps: When you’re in a sell section of wallet, you may choose the wallet that you want to sell from or bank account that you want to deposit. Enter amount of the USD you would like to get by selling your bitcoin. Whenever you enter the amount of the USD Coinbase automatically will calculate an amount of BTC that it will cost to get the corresponding amount of the USD.

3 Facts to Dispell Personal Loan Myths

Collateral free personal loans are a great option to raise funds during emergencies. Personal loan approval is comparatively easier than other loans. Because the borrower does not need to show any specific reason for taking the loan. People are now using personal loans for covering unexpected expenses. You can use the Standard chartered personal loan calculator to check your personal loan eligibility beforehand. However, there are some unpleasant misconceptions regarding personal loans. These myths can stop you from having a clear understanding of personal loans. Hence, we are going to dispell some common myths regarding personal loans.

3 myths regarding personal loans dispelled 

Personal loans are feasible than any other loan. First, the amount you avail through a personal loan that you can use for any purpose. Besides, these are a collateral-free loan, so the borrower does not need to place any asset before taking the loan. You can also use a personal loan calculator for checking your personal loan eligibility. But there are some common myths that can obscure your understanding regarding the personal loan. Here are some common myths dispelled as follows:

Every bank offers the same terms 

One of the most common myths regarding personal loans is that every bank provides the same terms and conditions. You can find two different banks offering the same amount and the same tenure, but the interest rate may differ.

On the other hand, don’t just judge the personal loan by low-interest rates. If your lender’s loan processing charges are high, then there is no point in running behind low-interest rates. Thus, you must do your research correctly before availing a personal loan. You can even refer to a personal loan calculator to confirm your loan eligibility.

One needs to borrow the maximum amount offered by the bank 

There is no such rule that you need to borrow the full amount that is offered by your lender. If you borrow the maximum amount, then it may feel like you are making your life easier, but in the long run, you can face trouble while repaying the loan. The smartest decision is to borrow the minimum amount to deal with your unexpected occurrences. In this, way you can avoid bringing unnecessary debt on you. Besides, personal loan EMIs start right after the disbursal of the loan. Thus, you should consider your future financial goals before deciding the personal loan amount. Also, you may check your EMI amount using a personal loan calculator.

Another very misleading myth is that one can take a personal loan to pay off pending debts. It is not a wise option to pay off your pending credit card debts by taking another loan. For instance, a person has a personal loan to pay off his debts, but he does not earn the minimum amount to repay the loan. Then it is not a solution. Besides, when you take a personal loan, the bank may impose a 1% to 5% processing fee that will also be added to your loan amount.

Personal loans come with low-interest rates 

Another big misconception about a personal loan is that they always carry lower interest rates than credit cards. In reality, personal loans may carry low-interest rates than some credit cards, but the interest rates are not exceptionally low. The personal loan interest rate margin may vary from 5% to 35%. You don’t have to keep any collateral for personal loans, so these are an unsecured loan, which exposes the lender to higher risk. Thus, the lender may impose a marginal interest rate. Personal Loan Calculators will give you a fair idea of the principal amount based on the interest rates and loan tenure.

There is another popular myth that your loan eligibility depends on high credit scores. That’s not true. Your interest rate depends on your credit score. In this case, lenders usually prefer a borrower with a higher credit score than average.

Lenders consider your debt to income ratio for approving a personal loan. But you should do proper research about the terms and conditions offered by different financial institutions to avail the most suitable option for you. These above-mentioned points may help you overcome the misleading information you have come across earlier.

It is easy to get more rate of return now

Financial market is changing fast and the reason for this change is said to be the upgraded in the internet technology. Also yet another reason is the improvement in the internet communication technologies and now you can see people who are almost addicted to the online space. They are filling the most important part of the individuals in the form of both creativity and fun but can you believe that it offers you the option of earning money without nay hard effort. It is time to learn about the digital currency and the ビットコイン価格 which is highly helpful in impacting your investment portfolio.

Why bitcoin is a good investment?

Today there is an economic slowdown found in the financial market throughout the world. The main reason behind this is the various trade disputes found between the various countries. So it is important to choose a good investment tool and you will need to learn about ビットコイン価格 in order to understand the importance of the bitcoin.

It can provide a rate of return that is in par with the stock market but in addition it is similar to the gold. Because it is issued only in a definite number and hence the price of the bitcoin is rising constantly. You can easily find out the stable rise of the bitcoin in the market. It can also act as a store house for your extra assets and thus helping your financial growth.

Want to move Bitcoins into your bank account?

When you own crypto currencies such as bitcoins whose value is greater than any other currencies and wish to convert them into cash, there are things to be done. If do not know what to do then you are right place, as this article will guide as well as help you in attaining this process. But before you convert them to traditional money, you have to know its value, so 1 btc to inr this help you in finding it.

Methods to convert BTC to cash

Following are the best ways to move your cryptocurrencies into any of your bank accounts in the form of cash:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange – The first as well as the easiest method to sell your virtual money and also withdraw resulting traditional money directly into your account is by selling your bit coins on a digital money exchange and there are numerous exchanges out there.
  • Bitcoin ATM – You can come across thousands and thousands of bitcoin ATMs around you and if you are near one, you can make use of it in order to exchange your crypto money for cold or hard cash.
  • Bitcoin debit card – You are allowed to sell your bit coins and in exchange of that, you are able to receive a prepaid debit card so that you can spend money.
  • Exchange in person – You can also acquire fiat cash by exchanging your electronic cash to anyone, who need to get bitcoins and be sure who have given your crypto currencies to the person you trust the most.

Bitcoin Stays Volatile Option for the Investors

For people who are not following saga of the Crypto Currency, Litecoin and Bitcoin, it might come as the surprise that these currencies without any intrinsic value stay the volatile commodity for the investors even today. For people who are keeping up with the conversion rates for the digital currency it’s quite clear that the volatility, which has defined the pseudo-currency is keeping the investors interested in the field. The current changes in value of this currency and bankruptcy of the largest platforms of the exchanging in world Bitcoins has called in question future of the digital money. But, at Bitcoin news experts reassure people who would like to use Litecoin, Crypto Currency, and Bitcoin that “fad,” which led to the digital money is here to stay.

Crypto Currency

Short History on Bitcoin, Litecoin & Crypto Currency

Bitcoin or other types of the pseudo-currency can be used as the payments for the transaction fees, services and products. Litecoins or Bitcoins can easily be exchanged for the “real” currency at the given rate. The experts were highly concerned that the Bitcoins or other digital currency is used for the illegal activity since they are very simple to exchange or “launder” than other types of money. The bitcoin use was actually implicated in the illegal drug site, for instance, and there might be some other examples of the illegal use, which haven’t been reported yet.


Value of the currencies has been a subject of debate. The bitcoin values rose in 2013, and creating the “Bitcoin bubble,” which deflated fast in 2014.

Studying in Mumbai? Here’s how you can manage your tuition fees by applying for a personal loan

Mumbai: Considered to be India’s one of the most populated cities, is the place of Bollywood industry, billionaires and lots of other things in our country. Apart from being one of the financially stable cities of India, some people do face a lot of hardships in satisfying their financial needs. Many of them are the ones living just side by side by the billionaire Industrialists in the urban Mumbai that it is known for. Mumbai can be overwhelming quite a few times, especially if you are a student. And if you are living in this massive city on your own. In this case, it is ubiquitous to confront monetary needs sometimes. To your rescue, we are providing a guide on how you can apply for a personal loan and what is the criteria to be eligible to get an instant loan in Mumbai.

For students, it is essential to know that an educational loan and a personal loan is different from each other. A personal loan can be used for a variety of purposes apart from your studies, for instance, you can pay your tuition bills, your house rent, the requirement of funds for marriage, etc. as well.

 Things to remember before applying for a personal loan

  • A personal loan is an unsecured loan where you don’t need to to keep anything as a security, and you can get it based upon your credit score.
  • Due to any circumstances, if the bank is unable to recover the amount of the loan, your credit score will get hampered severely.
  • Various banks offer personal loan from 50,000 to 20,00000, and the amount can vary from bank to bank.
  • You have to repay the amount within a span of 1 to 5 years.
  • A personal loan has a lock-in period means you cannot stop the loan within 3 to 12 months after taking it.
  • You can take a personal loan for purposes such as vacation, residence renovation, tuition fees etc.
  • The interest rate of personal loan is usually more than 3-10 percent extra than the home loans.

Eligibility criteria for a personal loan

  • If you are looking for a personal loan then, first of all, the bank will check your repayment capacity, for instance, if you have taken any other loan before or your annual income and if you are a student then the yearly revenue of your parents will be kept in consideration before your loan approval.
  • Minimum income must be within 15000 to 20000 per month
  • Your age must be within twenty-one to sixty years, and if you are a salaried person or running your own business, then your age criteria must be within twenty-five to sixty-five years.
  • Next thing the bank will keep into consideration is the stability of your income
  • A credit score is one of the essential things on which your loan approval is dependent, and you must try to keep your credit score at more than 750 as it is regarded as a good credit score.

Lastly, it can be said that taking a personal loan is a crucial decision to fulfill the liabilities or any other requirements. But one must consider many other things which are included in this particular loan for instances there can be some extra service charges or hidden associated fees and even foil charges as well. So firstly, an individual must do proper research about the schemes available for getting the full benefit out of a personal loan scheme.

Personal Vs. Business credit card: Here’s all you should know

Credit cards are essential these days, and most of the people use one or more credit cards to ease off their monetary transactions. Reward points, cash back offers, low APR are some of the features that almost every variety of credit card comes with. When you think of a business credit card and a personal credit card; it might take you to a dilemma while spotting the differences. Though both the types of credit card have a lot in common between each other, there lay a few critical differences that make these separate from each other. Let us now have a look into the differences that define a business credit card separately from a personal credit card.

Business cards have rewards aimed at businesses

Rewards are common to both the cards, business and personal. What makes them different from each other is the category on which these rewards or cash back offers are given. In the case of business credit cards, the rewards are extended on purchase of items that are common to any business house like office supplies, electricity payments, phone services, computer hardware purchases and much more. For a personal credit card, the rewards are given on restaurant bills, travel expenses, grocery bills, etc. Hence, if you have more purchases related to business, having a business credit card will make more sense.

The consumer protection law is different

When it comes to noticing the credit card closely, the consumer protection laws do not cover the business cards as much as they do the personal credit cards. Hence, while using business cards, you need to be more aware and know the changes that are happening around the market corners.  You might not be able to find or understand the sudden changes in your bills when you see that a higher rate of interest has been levied or your annual fee has increased. With less consumer protection extended to the business credit cards, it is likely that you will not be intimated prior to hand regarding every change as you receive having a personal credit card. Go through the issuer agreement document carefully to ensure complete information.

Credit limits are different

When a personal credit card is compared with a business credit card, it is likely that the credit limits will vary between each other. The business credit cards are meant for enterprises with more requirements of funds for business expansions and other financial aspects. Hence, business credit cards generally come with a higher credit line to support the cause of the entrepreneurs. Whereas the personal credit cards are meant for purchasing use, which requires a limited amount of money and thus the personal credit cards comes with a lower credit limit.

The credit score

As far as your personal credit card is concerned, it will only have an impact on your personal credit score based on timely repayments. But, when it comes to business credit cards, the same will surely affect your business credit score along with a possibility of affecting your personal credit score as well. Most of the times, the business cards are issued based on personal guarantees that entangle you as a person liable for all the discrepancies regarding credit card bill payment schedules, hence, in the case of any misappropriation, you will be held responsible and liable personally making the same effect your personal credit score.

Additional advantages

Having a business credit card as compared to the personal credit card can be of much benefit when it comes to the additional benefits and perks that a business card has the potential to gain. Since the business cards are designed keeping the business houses in mind, they come with certain advantages to propel the force of business and to maintain the intention of the entrepreneurs to carry on with a specific business card.


Playing games through online will definitely earn you a lot. This is completely true, while making use of the free bit co site. This site offers the bitcoin games that avail the user to get the bitcoin for the games that they play there. With the ideal options and features, one could be able to get the best benefits that may not be available from the others.

bitcoin games


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So, just make use of the bitcoin games to avail more benefits in a trendy manner. This is highly ideal and more effective, as this gives more bitcoins to the users, without making them to invest money for it at any time.