Understanding the Harajuku Fashion Styles Before You Check Japan Vacation Packages

Harajuku is one of the most prominent parts that will give you a perspective of Harajuku fashion culture that creates trends all across Asia and even all over the world. The combination of magazines that pump the blood of this particular style is something that drives the world as a whole.

For instance, most Harajuku children step up by creating their magazines due to their attempt to fill the void. That is when Fanatic Magazine entered the scene with a new publication founded by four female students from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.

Since they were fans of FRUiTS magazine, they wanted to encourage and inspire creative street fashion all across Japan and the world. You can find go to travel agencies or All Japan Tours so that you can book your vacation and enjoy and sightsee this particular part of Japan.

It is published four times a year, and even though it lacks mature publications, these four young Japanese women have started posting their magazine with the support from their friends so that the passion could remain on Japanese streets.

  1. Aiba Runa

Aiba Runa is one of the most famous street fashion icon as well as brand producers that gained immersive popularity in the last year. She launched her own brand RRR By Sugar Spot Factory in 2016, with the idea to create an incubation program at Vantan.

She is famous due to social media followers who are more than 100 thousand, as well as business acumen, fun persona and rising starts of Harajuku. She describes her styles as Kawaii, Unique, Pop and Colorful.

She enjoys vintage fashions and toys as well as imagery from the ‘60s to 90s. When we compare it with kawaii queen Peco, Runa is wearing bold color palette and relaxed-fit outfits. Her style and brand can appeal to both Japanese pre-teen and teen girls.

Japan Tours

She gained prominence as 16-year-old school student that decided to post pictures on her social media and kawaii room decoration. The décor of her popup shops are built all across Japan, especially in Harajuku.

This particular ability attracts fashion-conscious young women who are excited to understand the Japanese style and shopping experience. What sets her apart from other social media peers is that her followers are willing to spend money on products she curates and creates.

According to Japanese media, RRR by Sugar Sports Factory attracted hundreds of girl’s long opening line and created $40 thousand worth of goods in two weeks.

Even though some decades old kawaii subcultures can fade, young female producers such as Aiba Runa will change the impact that it affects Japanese culture and keep aesthetic alive by creating more appealing and reimaging styles to their generations.

Click here if you wish to learn more on Harajuku neighborhood.

  1. Coco Princess

Even though most people that enjoy Harajuku neighborhood are teens and young people, one of the fastest raising fashion personalities is Coco Hamamatsu, who is six years old girl that grew up in Harajuku.

Since her parents run the favorite vintage boutique called Funkiteque Tokyo, after Tohoku Tsunami and Earthquake, her family had to leave their home and original shop behind. As soon as they arrived in Tokyo, they opened a store in Harajuku with the idea to promote vintage style.

She was regular on weekends, and the last few years, she grew from a cute baby into a funny kid with a strong sense of fashion and personality. Of course, she had a head start since her father is a vintage fashion buyer and mother spent years styling kids.

But still, she wears beautiful outfits and has cute poses that appealed to people all across the globe. Her style is one of the most loved styles on the streets of Tokyo, and international fashion media discovered her too.

She appeared in Nylon, Vice short documentary, and Vogue, as well as Shiseido campaign that brought her more than hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Even though fashion is still style and hobby for her, she is still affecting and inspiring people from all across the globe.

That is something that can happen in Tokyo and Japan, which is why you should find appropriate tours and packages that will allow you to visit it as soon as possible for the affordable price tag.

A trip to Ladakh: When in Ladakh, Always Expect the Unexpected!

Set in the Trans-Himalayan district, in the province of Jammu and Kashmir in North India, Ladakh has, as of late, become one of the most popular summer holiday destination goals by many. Riding crosswise over high elevation mountain passes, going to monasteries, and camping by some shocking high height lakes is what drives people to this place.

You should pack smart and layering is a must as the weather is very unpredictable on the journey to Ladakh. A couple of sweaters and jackets for the night and t-shirts for the day is sufficient enough. But that’s not enough. There is a huge checklist you need look into before heading to the most exciting journey of your life.

The essential biker’s guide to Ladakh:

Renting a bike in the Ladakh region is easy. You can get a bike on rent for INR 1200 to 1500 per day at the Fort Road area of Leh having lots of stores giving Bullets and Royal Enfields on rent. A common scare about hiring a bike is that during peak season there are chances of unavailability of bikes for renting purpose. While this is very much true, to combat this a lot of travelers try to book bikes online or over the phone, something that one shouldn’t do. You should always check the rate of the bikes at least 3-4 shops after asking around some locals and select the best out of the lot only after taking a test ride.

Rejection and Selection Criteria

Never take a bike that throws white smoke, also get the air filter checked, if its dirty get it changed. Check self-start and battery, if it is giving problems then reject it, the clutch plate should be working properly, so check carefully. Never go for a bike whose chain makes a lot of noise, you will not appreciate a broken chain in the middle of nowhere on the way to Nubra.

Essentials you need to carry on a bike trip

Clutch Plates – Bike trip to LehLadakh demands new clutch plates. Doesn’t matter how new old they are when you are driving on world’s most challenging and dangerous road, you need new clutch plates.

Drive Chains- Drive Chains suffer the most during a road trip as rigorous as Ladakh. One must carry spare chain set in case you need one on top of Khardungla Pass. Tool Kit- Continuously convey an extra toolbox or request that from your leaseholder give you one. A toolbox comes extremely helpful, doesn’t make a difference what excursion you are on. As it’s been said, a join in time spares nine, you can conquer little issues when going by Ladakh, with a standard toolbox.

Spare Spark Plug- Due to lack of oxygen on high altitude, spark plug faces damages and gets burned. It is always advisable to carry spare spark plugs to overcome this issue.

Clothes to carry when road tripping to Leh

From November to March, you must pack heavy woolens and prepare for extreme temperatures.  In Ladakh, it is best to dress in layers since the majority of coldness is due to wind chill and temperatures can change rapidly depending on the place, time and weather. Hence dressing in layers will allow you to add/subtract layers as and when needed. So make sure apart from your regular clothes, a sweater, gloves, cap (protect head and ears from cold winds), warm inners (especially if you are traveling in off season) and if possible, air/water resistant jacket.

Must-have for trekking

Packing a Rucksack is indeed a very important aspect of any trip or trek. On the Himalayas, it is mandatory that a backpacker/trekker must have essential and mandatory items, yet light enough to move comfortably.

The treks on the different parts of the Himalayas stretch from short and medium to extended long duration. Shorter duration trek backpacking is easier but medium to long duration are need to be packed carefully. Higher the duration of the trek, higher the importance.For serious trekkers, there is no way other than to pack his/her Rucksack with attention to ensure own safety. The catch is to pack light with all the necessary and safety items with you.The items you should carry are rucksack, trekking shoes, sleeping bag and also a warm jacket.

Must-have for First Aid:

Medicines are a must to carry if you suffer from mountain sickness. Diamox tablets are available in 250 mg potency, a half tab in the morning and a half in the evening will serve well, to verify that none of you are allergic to it. Taking a test dose a few days before the trip, and where medical help is available, is advisable. Also, carry at least 5 ORS or ORS- L Tetra packs to keep you hydrated. There are Diamox tablets for altitude sickness also.

Some other essentials are riding pants, knee guards, gloves etc.

Must-have for a Camera Bag:

Carry your camera along with its bag, charger and the cable also carry a pair of batteries and a camera cleaning kit. You can carry a tripod and filter if you’re a professional. An extra memory card might also come in handy. But, if you’re really looking to pack light then there are many smartphone brands with devices that sport a great camera and perfect sturdy design that won’t cost a fortune. Some brands like Panasonic India Smartphones (Eluga Ray 700), Oppo R15 pro, Samsung Galaxy are the best in the business that will help you capture beautiful memories.

So don’t wait, this season is the best to be at the mesmerizing lands of Ladakh.

Royal Sail Glorious Prime of Delhi and Rajasthan

Delhi is the place of rich monuments similarly to the Delhi, Agra and Jaipur have the combined culture of entities are finely awesome. Usually, the trip is mentioned as golden triangle Delhi Agra Jaipur tour. These three places are witness proof of whole Indian culture. You will see the residents will hassle here and there. Along with the pink city of Jaipur will offer you the historical constructions of buildings and the beautiful Agra is famous as the symbol of love Taj Mahal.

Interesting places of golden triangle Delhi Agra Jaipur:

Taj Mahal:

The world incredible spot Taj Mahal was made of marbles. The emperor Shah Jahan was found Taj Mahal in the year of the 17th century near to the river of Yamuna. The full-fledged construction of this place takes 22 years to compete.

Agra Fort:

The Agra Fort is popular as much as Taj Mahal for its red sandstone. This fort is located near to Taj Mahal which has equal pride and beauty the King Akbhar established this fort in the year of 1565 to give remembrance for his father.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is situated in the distance of 17 km from Delhi. The count of 375 species of birds is living in this sanctuary. You will find some amazing birds and you will be proffered with some kind of transport vehicles to come around the sanctuary.

Jaipur City Palace:

This palace is identification for this pink city. Since 1922 Sawai Jai Singh’s family take over this palace has their own place. After that, some of its parts have been turned into a museum which will be assigned with artifacts of Rajput royalty.

Jantar Mantar:

Jantar Mantar was also founded by Sawai Jai Singh in 1728. This place is mentioned as the scientific spot which will able to predict the stars in the accurate way which means a prediction of astronomy.


Rajasthan is the mixture of place where you will locate the meeting of all the amazing things like deserts, forts & palaces. This North Indian state will leave you speechless with its variant nature of beauty. You will grab the magnificent collection of royalty in forts, grand palaces, desert safaris and exciting events. Once you book the Rajasthan trip package then this place will melt you to visit all the time.

Interesting places in Rajasthan:

Mount Abu:

This place is both town and hill station. Also, this is the desirable place for the honeymoon package for newly married couples. There you will visit Toad Rock, Achalgarh Fort, Mount Abu Bazaar, Nakki Lake. The direct view of the sunset is priceless. The ambiance of Mount Abu is full of rocks so you can be loaded with a different world.

Ajmer & Pushkar:

Ajmer Sharif is the collection of tourist spots no one will hesitate to visit Ajmer. When you did means you will miss the beauty of places like Soniji Ki Nasiyan, Taragarh Fort, Anasagar Lake and the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpara.

The month of November is the perfect time to visit Pushkar. During that time only Pushkar Mela will be celebrated.

So pack your trip to these wonderful places to know about the different variants of culture in India.

Prim and Proper! 6 Perfectly Planned Cities of India

India is a country of crowded streets, crammed colonies and congested cities, but it also has its fair share of well-planned cities and townships. These cities are not only aesthetically appealing, but they are cleaner, greener and backed by modern architecture and perfect design. Today, these cities are rapidly developing into IT and educational hubs.

Plan a visit to these pristinely-planned cities to experience an even more incredible India.


The green city of Chandigarh, a Union Territory, is arguably the country’s most well-planned city. The capital of both Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh was designed by Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect, and urban planner. The layout of the city is magnificently planned; it is divided into sectors that are well-connected to each other by way of 6-lane roads. There are also numerous parks in every section of the city, making it greener and more gorgeous.


Located only two-hours’ drive from Pune and four-hours’ drive from Mumbai, Lavasa is the first privately-built city of India. Designed to resemble the Italian fishing town of Portofino, Lavasa is a high-tech urban city that is splendidly surrounded by hills and lakes all around. What makes this township even more special is, that majority of the land is kept as an open, green space. The layout of Lavasa is modeled on the principles of New Urbanism, which is an urban design movement that promotes eco-friendly habits by constructing walkable neighbourhoods and shopping districts. Book cheapest flights to Mumbai on ixigo and enjoy a lovely road trip through glittering greenery to Lavasa. You can also stay for a day as there are several cheap hotels in Mumbai for a comfortable layover.


Delhi’s better-bred neighbour, Noida is a systematically planned city of India. As of 2015, Noida has been awarded the Best City in Uttar Pradesh and the Best City in Housing in India at the Best City Awards. In Noida and its extension, Greater Noida has wider roads and cleaner corners. Initially built as an industrial town, and now extended to around 293 villages of Gautam Buddh Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh, Greater Noida is a greener alternative to Delhi. Noida is one of India’s most modern cities of international standards.


The capital city of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is designed by H.K. Mewada during the late 1950’s. This well-planned city enjoys wide roads with service lanes, due to which there is no traffic congestion. Pollution is reduced by trees on each side of almost every road in the city and also by its many parks. Apart from this, Gandhinagar has designated separate spaces for commercial, residential and educational zones.


Situated in the state of Jharkhand, Jamshedpur is the first well-planned city of India. Founded by Jamshedji Tata, Jamshedpur is the birthplace of the country’s first Iron and Steel company called Tata Steel, thereby getting its name ‘Tatanagar’. The city has been built and developed by the Tata Group and it is the only city in India that does not have a municipal corporation. It is also home to the scenic and seraphic Jubilee Park.

Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai) is a planned township of Mumbai that is divided into two districts, North Navi Mumbai and South Navi Mumbai. Considered to be the entry point of Mumbai, this township is home to numerous educational institutions, IT hubs, golf courses and jogger’s parks.

With an ever-rising population and a gigantic boom in economic growth, many developing nations such as India are stepping up in their efforts to build planned cities and breed these areas as cutting-edge communities on the forefront of new technology and new ways of living as well.

Order tasty and delicious train food now within clicks

In India, travelling via trains is indeed one of the best and most preferable means of transportation and as per the stats more than 67% of the entire population prefer and travels via the same. People from all over need to travel because of different reasons including travelling for having fun and get some adventure, for business meets, family trips, holidays, weddings, meeting relatives, and so much more. Over 30 % of the people who travel via trains opt to get e-ticketing services and it actually holds for a major part in the revenue generation especially from the one that is been carried out online. With the help of technology, digital world and awareness among people, it is of no wonder that people are actually buying and placing the order for train food from the reckoned e-catering firms.

E-catering food delivery services that are much in trend nowadays is all about meeting basically diverse needs and requirements of passengers when it comes to food while being on the train. And there are different ways through which people can order train food, as per the convenience and desire. One of them is via checking out the company’s website and placing an order through the same. Another way is to order the same via the mobile app of the company and all people need to do is to download their app first and then go through the process. Another way possible is to directly give them a call and let them know what you would like to grab and at which station, the delivery needs to be done.

The entire process of ordering from these e-catering firms is actually simple and similar. Once you go and click on order food in train option, it will let you enter your train name, number, and the station where you are looking or the delivery and once it is clicked, the menu and options available to eat at that place from reckoned restaurants and vendors will show up, which you can decide and let them know about the same. It is mandatory to enter your pnr number while placing an order and the most important thing about getting train food from these emerging e-catering firms is that they keep on tracking the real-time status of train as well so that in case your order is been already placed and the train is running late, they know about the same in advance and will give assurance to deliver food right on time and without any problem. It is always good to order the meal from them about 45 minutes to an hour in advance to your train’s arrival time at the respective junction. In case, you are travelling in bigger groups, you can get discounts too. Check for the feedback and reviews of the company, if you have time before ordering to make sure that the quality will be good. Grab a slice of your favourite food in train and have a safe journey.

MAXTRAX: A Perfect Travel Partner To Recover Your Stuck Vehicle

What is MAXTRAX?

In order to make you get an idea of what MAXTRAX is it has been simply demonstrated as an ultimate as well as the original recovery board. This is the basic tool that will help you to easily get out of under tire to provide superior traction. The MAXTRAX MK II Safety Orange (pair) promises heavy duty as it is intensively tested in laboratories which is safe, simple and is also designed with safety as the main priority.

How can it withstand heavy vehicles?

As its duty is to undergo recovery process while doing so it has to take lots of pressure. If you simply look at the tool it seems to just like a thin piece of plastic, surprising how it can withstand the weight and work effectively. In fact, these are made out of materials like resistant polymer and engineering graded nylon are used and is the secret behind its strength and support. Moreover, they are successfully tested in the real world with very heavy weights after which they are put to sale.

  • In addition to that if the tool is used with other recovery equipment then the overall stress can be minimized.
  • It does not require any other vehicles or anchor point which also reduces the potential danger.


An easy to use lightweight tool that is specially designed for people who would like to handle recovery by themselves. It is even designed with a double ended technology that will easily remove excess dirt which makes the recovery process easy and quick. Some of the best features are,

  • With the help of aggressive larger cleats sink their teeth it easily gets coordinated with the tire thereby preventing it from slipping and giving easy recovery.
  • Accurate and perfect for any of your cars or any other four wheeler drive gear vehicles.
  • The material used to manufacture MAXTRAX MK II Safety Orange (pair) is extremely tough, flexible as well as an engineering graded nylon that will help in providing complete support while undergoing the process.
  • Because of its double-edged design, you can easily carry it from one place to another.
  • You can easily make it comfortable by handling it in six different positions.
  • To monitor everything it is included in a keyhole accessory point that will help you to have continuous safety check over the process.

Some essential tips

Following some tips will really help you especially when you are going to start a self-recovery.

  • First and the foremost you have to do is to remain calm without getting tensed how to get rid of the situation.
  • As you might have already know how to use MAXTRAX so start working on it.
  • Get access to with the accessories and use them in a right way.
  • It is even an ideal way to have a look at the overall process before you actually get stuck.

As the MAXTRAX are specially designed to work with different vehicles and is said to be the perfect recovery tool that will help you in the best ways. However, the recovery processes with safety and by using this tool will help in putting everything at ease.

What Are The Basic Highlights Of A Great Windermere-Hotel?

Are you planning your recreational-tour at Windermere this year? Well, then you have to make advance-booking of the most popular hotel on Windermere in order to enjoy your tour with grandeur and happiness. Make sure the hotel is located near shopping centers and market-places.

What makes a Windermere-hotel great?

  • Great location is definitely needed so that the amazing views of the surroundings can be thoroughly enjoyed.
  • The hotel should be located near to the airport so that you can easily reach there without any hassle.
  • If you have chosen a reputed and highly luxurious hotel then you will definitely receive a car from hotel’s end for picking you up from the airport.
  • If you are moving for a business purpose then you should choose such a hotel which is being equipped with conference rooms, meeting centers, conference accessories and other related ones.
  • The hotel should provide an expert tour-guide especially if you are traveling Windermere for the very first time in life.

hotel on Windermere

  • The hotel should offer free parking for your car. This facility is highly demanded especially by those travelers who bring their cars along on tours.
  • The hotel should offer a great room-service so that your needs can be always attended on time. Room-service of all hotels is not good and thus you should verify this thing before you choose any Windermere-hotel.
  • Free Wi-Fi is now getting demanded by maximum travelers. Those travelers who spend their maximum hours with phones and laptops always demand free and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection.
  • Everybody looks for a great price and this is not an illegitimate desire. Therefore, choosing a hotel with most affordable rate is one of the most effective means of saving bucks on accommodation.
  • The hotel should be equipped with a great variety of luxurious features like swimming-pools, spa, bars, gyms, complimentary breakfasts and others.
  • The hotel should offer outstandingly flexible booking-facility. There should be multiple payment-options so that you can choose the right one as per your convenience. The site should generate booking-invoice immediately so that you can produce the same at the time of boarding the hotel.

Choosing great Windermere-hotels:

Are you looking for a great hotel in Windermere? Well, in this case, few valuable tips will help you out and they have been discussed below:

  • Reviews can be relied on for sure but only from popular sites.
  • Hotels should be chosen especially on the basis of category. The major classifications should be known in order to choose the best one as per need and preference.
  • Hotels with great offers or deals need to be chosen.
  • Customer-comments are also very much useful in this respect.
  • Visiting official-site will enable you to know about the hotel features and background.
  • Guest-rating is a great thing to judge the hotel-quality and standard.
  • Ratings by popular business-directories are also very much convincing, especially for first-time travelers.

Nowadays, every hotel on Windermere is offering lucrative accommodation-packages and if you want to find out these packages then you have to visit the official site.

Searching for the Best International Destination for your Christmas Holiday? Consider these 5 Places

Christmas is the time of the year when you get to be with your family and enjoy a few days of fun and frolic. But rather than spending the holidays at your home, why not celebrate it at an amazing international destination? We have worked on a list of 5 best international destinations that you can consider for Christmas.

A decade ago, flying to an international destination, around the holiday season in December, was known to be a very expensive affair Mumbai to London flights. But, the availability of online travel portals, low-cost carriers, package holidays, and a large number of hotels and resorts have made the holidays much more affordable.

While it is difficult to find any major discounts this time of the year, advance bookings can prove highly cost-efficient. But what are the top international destinations for holidays? Let us have a look-

  1. Rio de Janeiro

While the biggest of parties in Rio de Janeiro kick off in the month of February during the Carnival, the place is equally amazing around the Christmas too. The people in Rio know how to party, and you are sure to enjoy a time of your life if you head over to this beautiful destination for your holidays. Palm trees with beautiful lights, world’s largest floating Christmas tree, live music, fireworks, and the delicious street food; all are sure to make your stay in Rio worthwhile.

  1. Singapore

The Lion City is the next top place to visit during the Christmas. While the cold climate of the city can make it difficult for a lot of people to get into the party mood, Singaporeans enjoy the holiday at its best. Be it the amazing light displays or the fireworks over the popular Marina Bay; the festive holidays are embraced with a lot of gusto in Singapore. If you are planning to visit the city from India, there are several Singapore Airlines, Air India, Air Asia and other flights from all the major Indian airports that you can find online.

  1. Fiji

Unlike a lot of other popular tourist spots during the holidays, Fiji is usually cheaper and less crowded around this time of the year. With more than 300 islands to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy something very new throughout your stay here. Be it enjoying picnics on the palm-lined beaches, cruising between islands, or scuba diving; there’s never a dull moment in this beautiful South Pacific country.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The peak season begins in the month of December, making it a great destination for your Christmas holidays. The idyllic weather of the country in December combined with activities like wildlife spotting, hiking, and climbing make Malaysia a great place for someone looking for an adrenaline rush. If you are here, do not miss the dramatic backdrop of the fireworks around the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur on the New Years Eve.

  1. Macau

Located on the southern coast of China, Macau is famous all over the world for its casinos, sandy beaches, and landmarks listed by UNESCO. Popularly known as the ‘Vegas of the East’, the place is well-known for the New Year celebrations too. Try your luck at more than 30 casinos, relax at the beaches, or enjoy the dazzling fireworks over the Nam Van Lake, you will have a plenty of options to enjoy your holidays in Macau.

No matter if you are planning to go on a holiday with friends, family, or just want to travel solo, these are some of the best places to enjoy your Christmas vacations. Look for International flight schedules online. You will surely find loads of affordable flying options to these places. Just make sure that you book the tickets as quickly as possible as the fare can rise significantly around the holiday season.

Wayanad Vacation – Offering Awesome Experiences to Adventure Lovers

Kerala tour packages Kerala is a beautiful state lovingly known as ‘God’s Own Country’. Millions of tourists visit Kerala every year. The North-east side of the state is dotted with numerous tourist destination spots. The mesmerizing hill station Wayanad is another thriving haunt for vacationers.

Lying amidst the lush green foliage of Western Ghats the dense canopy of the gooseberry, bamboo, eucalyptus, and neem trees plus vast spaces filled with spice plantations, Wayanad is definitely a must-see place to be included in your Kerala tour packages itinerary. Tourists seeking leisure holidays, sports adventurers, backpackers, honeymooners, families, and friends groups, everyone can identify themselves with the natural untouched splendor of this scenic hilly region also teeming with many wildlife species.

Some popular tourist spots in Wayanad:

  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: It is one of the largest wildlife shelters in Kerala. It is home to several endangered species. The sanctuary is well protected on all sides by the Mudumalai National Park, and Bandipur Park. The sanctuary was formed in the year 1973 and is spread over a vast area of 345 sq. km.

  • Chembra Peak: It is the highest peak to grace the Wayanad Hills at an altitude of 2100 mt. above sea-level. If you are an avid trekker, explorer or nature lover, the Chembra Peak is a perfect getaway. The peak gives you a majestic view of a beautiful lake and the rich biodiversity of the Mepaddy area; you can also catch a glimpse of the famous Nilgiri and Vellarimala Hills.
  • Banasura Dam: Nestled amidst the Banasura hills is the amazing Banasura Sagar Dam, which is also the biggest embankment dam in India. You can indulge in sporting activities like trekking and speed boating. The special dam has been made with clay mounds, rocks, and sand. It is a popular tourist place with the photogenic view of several small islands that dot the Banasura Lake.

  • Meenmutty Waterfalls: Meenmutty waterfall lies at a distance of 25 km. from Kalpetta. You can trek your way to reach the upper levels of the majestic waterfalls. It is considered one of the finest waterfalls in India. The cascading waters collect into a pool, so you can even enjoy a swimming session in the pool area. Your Kerala tour packages cannot be complete without a visit to this lovely place.

Other places include Edakkal Caves, Pookote Lake, Thrissilery Shiva Temple, Kuruva Island, and Luv Kush Temple, to name a few. It is advisable to pack your sleeping bags, trekking equipment, emergency first aid boxes, foodstuff and camping gear for your exciting trip to this wonderful hill station in Kerala.

Trip to Gods own Country: Kerala

Planning for an unforgettable time with your loved ones but not sure where to go? Be a trip with your friends, colleagues, family or even if it’s a honeymoon trip, the place that you pick should have the charm to help you create some unforgettable memories and one such destination in India is Kerala, the city that is well-known as “Gods own Country”. The land of coconuts, backwaters, forests, elephants has a lot to offer in terms of culture as well as traditions. Travellers from all over the world have Kerala in their travel list, known for its backwater canals running between the huge rice fields and leading to the hillside plantations is one of the dream landscapes. Every single place in the beautiful city is breathlessly stunning, be it the beaches or the tea gardens every other place has something magical hidden within.

Why take an adventurous trip to Kerala?

Alleppey is the most visited place in Kerala, popular for its backwater trips on houseboats; this place offers the exclusive encounter to the nature that one can never get in any other location across the world. This trip in the backwaters on a houseboat allows you to explore and observe the exquisite landscapes and lets you stay very close to the Mother Nature, which is again a wonderful experience. Not just the landscapes the cultural beauty of the place is the other thing that fascinates many travellers to visit Kerala. The delicacies made here are quite conventional and the best part is that the place has kept its traditions alive even in this modern era.

Monsoon is the best time to visit this place, months from June to September is the right time to plan a cosy vacation to Kerala.  The house boats moving between the lush green forests on the stagnant water is the paradise for the honeymoon couples, you can get good deals on Kerala honeymoon tour package.

The other famous destinations include Munnar, Cochin, Thekkady, etc. If travelling by air your journey will start with the picturesque view from the Cochin airport and while travelling towards Munnar, you can get a glimpse of the exquisite landscapes and beautiful tea gardens. The Jungle safari in the Periyar Jungle cannot be a miss; this is the most exciting places in Kerala and paradise for the wildlife photographers. Find yourself picking on panthers, elephants, tigers and zebras. Visit this place requires having you keep your camera picture ready as anytime you can get to see the jungle king. The visit to this forest not just limits you to sit and view the forest, if you want to add adventure to your trip, you can go for canoeing in the lake and experience the real time fun of aquatic life. On the way, you will get to see some majestic waterfalls which will pull you to have a quick shower in the serene water. The packages offered are a good option if you don’t want to worry about the transportation or the entry tickets, what it needs is pack your bag and get ready for an adventurous and exciting vacation.