If your choice is to watch “NGK” movie online.. See these things before

People who are busy with their daily routine professional works did not have time to have entertainment in their life.  For these people and other family members, who can’t go to theatres to watch movies regularly, even they want.  The aha platform gave a solution to those requirements.  Lakhs of movies available with much quality and will give theatrical experience based on infrastructure available in the home.

While going to watch Suriya’s NGK movie online, should read some interesting things.. we bring those for you.  NGK movie is the first combo of Tamil Versatile hero Suriya and sensible Director Sri Raghava.

Cast & Crew:

Suriya, Sai Pallavi, RakulPreeth Singh, Nilalgal Ravi, Uma Padmanabhan.

Story & Direction: Sri Raghava

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Producer: S.R. Prakash Babu, S.R. Prabhu


The movie NGK is portrayed under the genre of political drama.  Tamil star hero Suriya and Director Sri Raghava teamed up for the first time with this movie. Sai Pallavi and Suriya combo also for the first time.  The movie made the point, how the common man entered into politics, how he survived in that field?  What he achieved finally are the points raised in this movie.


M.Tech completed Nanda Gopala Krishna’s short name is NGK, who did not like to do jobs, while sitting in the office and doing work for the organizations.  He returns to his own village and does organic farming as a farmer.  He motivated villagers to do organic farming.  He usually solved the problems of villagers and got recognition from the people atthe Mandal level.  He felt to do something huge for the welfare of the people. It can be possible with politics only.  Then he decided to enter politics. Then he joined as an activist at local MLA.  After that, How did Gopalam change by the way he saw politics?  Whether he achieved what he intended or not is the remaining story of the NGK movie.

Besides, Gopalam faced many family problems after he entered politics.  Gopalam’s wife,Geetha (Sai Pallavi), was frequently doubtful about Gopalam, as the beautiful personal secretary accompanied with Gopalam.  How Gopalam alias NGK solved issues in politics as well as in his personal life are the interesting major points in the movie.

Reasons Why to Watch “NGK” movie:

The main reason to watch it is Suriya’s movie, and moreover, star director Sri Raghava teamed up for the first time with Suriya.

Suriya once again showed his performance, especially in the scenes of Gopalam trying to close with MLA, giving a message in Climax scenes.

Sai Pallavi is well played as a beautiful and innocent housewife in the movie.

Rakul glamour is an additional asset to the movie.  She played the role well as Media Management Tycoon.

Director Sri Raghava’s directorial skills.  This movie subject is much in contrast with his previous movies like 7G Brundavana Colony and Adavarimatalakuarthaleverule.  But he justifies the subject as much as possible.  His mark sentiment and emotional scenes were not seen in this movie.

ShivakumarVijayan’s Cinematography very well, especially in action sequences, his camera work just amazed the audience.  Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music just felt average, but in background music, he did the best.

Main highlights of the movie:Suriya’s performance, RakulPreethSingh’s glamour, ShivakumarVijayan’s Cinematography, and Director Sri Raghava’s directorial skills.

The movie available in OTT platform aha in full HD format

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