The magnitude of police brutality in our country

The Telugu entertainment world is recently making movies with extraordinary creation, course, and composition. Heads of the Telugu entertainment world certainly aim to make movies that are best in every aspect. Many are based on true stories, either it is action-comedy or harassment by police. Police mercilessness is not viewed appropriately in our country, particularly when Tollywood frequently lauds experiences and non-legal killings. There are many incidents in our country in which victims have suffered this kind of brutality by police. ManyTelugu movies are raising such issues. Naandhi takes the contrary course and features what we as a general public lose when the structure ignores guiltless individuals. This movie is streaming on aha app.




 Vijay Kankamadala directs this movie. In the story, Bhai Surya(AllariNaresh) is a working-class programming worker who has a cheerful existence with his folks and life partner. One fine day, he is unexpectedly captured in the crime of a prominent protester and is punished for five long years. This is when an advocate(VaralakshmiSarathkumar) enters Surya’s life and gets him out of prison. The remainder of the story regards how Surya renders revenge on the guilty parties by recording the Section 211 case. What is this case? Furthermore, how does Surya utilizes it to grab the hoodlum’s structure of the story?


Naresh’s job is excellent in highlighting the fight for justice of the commoner. He emits an extraordinary amount of seriousness into his attitude by his thick beard look and sticking true to the nature of the genre. His beard is used as the symbolization of his inability to wandering in Hyderabad. 


Naandhi generally has excellent camerawork as the prison, and court visuals are acceptable. The temperament made through the lighting is very significant. The altering is respectable, as were the treated. The creation esteems fantastic as the film appears in another light. 


Going to the chief Vijay, he has made an excellent showing with the film. He didn’t veer off the movie with business components and remained consistent with the feelings. His portrayal is fantastic as he handles the subject rigidly and sets up characters pleasantly.


Naandhi is a dull and engaging court dramatization with a decent reason. This film has outstanding displays and finishes as a substitute watch for everyone who likes genuine shows.


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