Contemporary tips for bridesmaid dresses

From a long time, a wedding meant getting all the bridesmaids to dress in the same way. Today there are new rules in vogue, which you can put in practice before buying bridesmaid dresses. Years back, the rules for bridesmaid dresses were rigid and staid and had to be followed. Nowadays, of course, there are relaxed rules and etiquette that you can safely follow while selecting dresses for your bridesmaid.  Here are a few of the contemporary tips you can mind while buying the bridesmaid’s dress.

Allow them to shine

Allow your bridesmaid to shine at the wedding by adding beads and sequins to their dress. These add a bit of glamour to the dress, without being too flashy. Let the dress sparkle and let the bridesmaid shine.

Mixed length

Different length dresses for each of the bridesmaid is fashionable. You can allow them to experiment with tea length dresses and short hemlines. You can consider having the main of hour wear a long dress with others wearing dresses of different length.


Use traditional lace, which is an old favorite, but with a blue-tone. This new trend will make your bridesmaids stand out during the wedding and look pretty too.

Give them options

Select different types of dresses, offer them to your friends and let them choose the one they like. Don’t be rigid when you select dresses for your bridesmaids. Be different and experiment so that you can create a style statement.

Fabric mix

Allow your girls to go with different fabrics. Chiffon, lace, satin, and silk – you can have a mix of these fabrics and create a vivid look.


A white bridesmaid dress will perfectly match the wedding gown. Allow all the bridesmaids to have their own styles and shades of white so that they can present a great effect.

Try prints

Experiment with prints. Allow each of them to have different prints using the same color palette to create a stylish effect. You can consider floral prints as well as other stylish patterns.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social media app. Create a board on Pinterest with different fabrics, styles and color shades and share them with your bridesmaids. Allow them to mix and match and select the ones they want. This also helps you to discuss with your bridesmaids on a common forum, so that all of you are in perfect sync.

Season special

Make sure the dress you choose is suitable for the season during which the wedding is being held. For instance, off shoulder dresses in winter can make your bridesmaid feel cold, you can then add a wrap to keep her warm.

Try mismatch

You can experiment with a mismatch effect. Let each bridesmaid choose her own color and style. Dare to be different.


Follow the new rules for bridesmaid dresses. When you shop for cheap bridesmaid dresses, put these contemporary tips in practice and watch your bridesmaids shine at the wedding and make a style statement.