Tattoos in Times of Corona Virus

The situation is serious these days because today’s news will no longer have any meaning tomorrow, because the  pandemic is spreading exponentially. The status reports roll over and the virus is spreading rapidly despite further restrictions and bans.

 At the moment there is no telling when the current state of emergency will improve and we will be able to go about our everyday lives again. In order to guarantee the safety of the 타투 artist and the customers, it is important to introduce some recommendations and food for thought:

  1. Uncertainty on both sides

Uncertainty is not only spreading among customers, tattoo studios and artists also act in a safe manner. In many places, accompanying persons are not allowed to be taken to appointments and disinfectant containers are positioned in front of the studio. The advice of the virologists is clear: no contact and a minimum distance of one and a half meters to the next and  impossible to implement when tattooing.

  1. Scheduling

If the customer or the tattoo artist does not feel completely healthy, the appointment should not be kept, for self-protection and the protection of people close to you! In any case, omitting the appointment is the method of choice here. Postponed is not canceled immediately, the date can usually be postponed taking into account the current situation. Plan rather generously and with the reservation that you may have to postpone it again, depending on the current situation. If you don’t want to commit yourself yet, a voucher can alternatively be issued so that you can plan the appointments later and not lose customers.


  1. Accessibility & communication

To avoid contact, it is advisable to hold appointments for meetings or advice online without actually sitting across from each other. It is important to remain available: Use social media, emails or even the phone for further communication.

  1. Financial losses

Official orders have now also resulted in the closure of tattoo studios. Well, financial security is alien to self-employed people anyway. So if you want to support your favorite tattoo studio or artist in particular, you should buy vouchers, prints or merch. Alternatively, appointments can also be booked and paid in advance without a fixed date having to be agreed in advance.

  1. Use time effectively

If you are not already in quarantine, you should stay at home, this is the appeal of the federal government. So, comfortably on the couch, you have enough time to take care of future projects.