The Perfect Ring for Your Proposal

You have finally managed to get the courage to propose to your significant other, but you still need to get the perfect ring. Since personal styles can vary, it can be hard to gauge what the recipient will like. It’s daunting; there are no two ways about it. Choosing the right ring is a monumental decision. Details matter and learning more about the components of rings will help. So, start familiarising yourself and it won’t feel nearly as overwhelming.

Above all, your fiancés’ personal style should be the deciding factor. Firstly, have they dropped any hints? Either when you are out shopping or whether they make more directed comments; pay attention to these as they will give you a much clearer idea on what you should be looking for. Considering the jewellery they already own can also provide an insight into their taste, do they lean more towards one style or one metal? Do they themselves have a favorite piece of jewellery or a favorite jeweler? Do they opt for a more minimalist approach or do they crave extravagance? houses a huge range of rings; you are bound to find one that suits your preference and your budget.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to ensure that you get a beautiful ring. The budget should be considered before you even start looking. Try going for a bridal set which can oftentimes be cheaper and obviously you get the wedding band at the same time. Don’t dismiss looking in the sales. Often rings are discounted as the stock starts to dwindle so that the jeweler can clear them out to make room for new stock. Ring styles are often classic and so they don’t really tend to get outdated so don’t worry about buying ‘last seasons’.

The setting refers to the metal framework upon which the gem is mounted. It can depend on the gem that you choose as to what will look better with what metal. For example, white gold works better than yellow gold to show off a diamond’s sparkle. Platinum works well for those with an allergy to gold or nickel and it is also more durable.

The gem determines the overall look of the ring, and therefore it is vital to get right. Diamonds are classic and understated or perhaps your partner would prefer a pop of colour – sapphires, rubies or emeralds will provide this. When choosing a gem, the 4 C’s are important to understand. The carat is the weight of the gem; different sized diamonds can be the same carat weight and remember carat does have a huge impact in the price. The cut refers to the shape which is entirely subjective as to what shape someone prefers but a poor cut does dull the brilliance of the gem. Clarity refers to the quality of the gem itself and whether it has flaws or not and how big or small those flaws are. The colour is somewhat obvious but within each colour, there is an individual scale to determine how good the colour is, whether it’s cloudy or whether the gem itself is discoloured.