Everyone likes to look their best, especially on special occasions, it could be weddings, parties, birthdays, get-togethers, dances and the like. So why should Prom be any different?

The males have it easy here while going to prom, they go out and get a tux ready in their preferred colour, buy a corsage for their girl and they are ready to go. The girls on the other hand have more variety in what they wear. This is both a blessing as well as a curse. Although the variety in dresses lets the girls branch out with their preferred prom dress, this also causes in dilemma in exactly what style they should wear.

The variety is prom dresses changes with the varying trends occurring in the fashion industry and they change almost every year barring a few styles which are timeless.


2019 is a time of great change and openness and that change has bled into the fashion industry as well and ultimately the prom fashion world. The following are the top trending prom dresses that will make you drool:

  1. TWO PIECE DRESSES: Two piece prom dresses are the best way to let your personality completely shine through via your dress. You can mix, match and colour coordinate between different blouses and skirts. You can choose and mix different styles and cuts to make a completely new type of dress which will make your heart sing when you look at yourself in the mirror. These dresses make sure that the real you shines out from the depths and layers that you have hidden yourself under and you come roaring out to meet the challenges presented in front of you
  2. BALL GOWNS: Every teenage girl wants a day where they can live out their fairy tale fantasies. The Ball gown prom dresses give you the opportunity to do exactly that. They transport you into this whole other world in which you are the centre of attention and its’ spectacular. After all everyone likes being a princess for a day. Ball gowns have been in fashion since the time where fashion was just a fledgling a concept. They are the gold within all the old and they probably always will be.
  3. FLAPPER DRESSES: These 20’s era dresses are never going to out of style. They give you a vintage look which gives off an aura off mystical wonder. This look is unique yet old and never fails to set a few tails wagging after you.
  4. ILLUSION DRESSES:These dresses give you something new. They help you stand out from the crowd and be absolutely original. They are tailor made for your body shape and yet they have hidden depths to them which any onlooker could only begin to understand. Every twirl and flourish of the dress reveals new depths and styles that were never before seen. They give the wearer a mysterious and sultry outlook.