Bitcoin Stays Volatile Option for the Investors

For people who are not following saga of the Crypto Currency, Litecoin and Bitcoin, it might come as the surprise that these currencies without any intrinsic value stay the volatile commodity for the investors even today. For people who are keeping up with the conversion rates for the digital currency it’s quite clear that the volatility, which has defined the pseudo-currency is keeping the investors interested in the field. The current changes in value of this currency and bankruptcy of the largest platforms of the exchanging in world Bitcoins has called in question future of the digital money. But, at Bitcoin news experts reassure people who would like to use Litecoin, Crypto Currency, and Bitcoin that “fad,” which led to the digital money is here to stay.

Crypto Currency

Short History on Bitcoin, Litecoin & Crypto Currency

Bitcoin or other types of the pseudo-currency can be used as the payments for the transaction fees, services and products. Litecoins or Bitcoins can easily be exchanged for the “real” currency at the given rate. The experts were highly concerned that the Bitcoins or other digital currency is used for the illegal activity since they are very simple to exchange or “launder” than other types of money. The bitcoin use was actually implicated in the illegal drug site, for instance, and there might be some other examples of the illegal use, which haven’t been reported yet.


Value of the currencies has been a subject of debate. The bitcoin values rose in 2013, and creating the “Bitcoin bubble,” which deflated fast in 2014.