Good reasons to use Solana blockchain-based decentralized exchange

Decentralized exchange platforms operate without any intermediaries. These days many people prefer to use decentralized exchanges compared to centralized ones. Centralized exchanges act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. If you choose centralized exchanges, then hacking risks are higher. Because large exchanges hold a high value of cryptocurrencies and so they are an easy target for hackers. Also, centralized exchanges charge high transaction fees for their services. There are several decentralized exchanges and they have different infrastructures.

SOLANAX is the decentralized exchange that works based on Solana blockchain generation. The Solana-based exchanges are different from the others and they could solve the issues that are found in Ethereum based decentralized exchanges. Here are a few reasons that you should opt for Solana blockchain-based decentralized exchange.

High-speed transactions:

One of the significant reasons that you should this DEX is because they offer high-speed transactions. They have the ability to exchange more than 50,000 transactions per second. It is easy for you to make transactions without having to wait for a long time. You will not find any difficulty by using this decentralized exchange. For quick and efficient transactions, you can consider using SOLANAX decentralized exchange platform.

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Low costs:

Centralized exchanges to provide the best services create the platform with the best infrastructure, so this additional cost reflects on your service charges. Centralized platforms charge high transaction fees for their services. Whereas decentralized platforms will cost only lower costs that help you cut down all the additional costs. You could enjoy the services at cheaper prices.

Mitigate hacking issues:        

If you are a serious investor concerned more about hacking, then choosing a decentralized exchange is the right choice. Because there is no third party involved and you don’t have to exchange assets which makes you less prone to hacking. With the decentralized platform, you will be assured greater safety. Also, there is no chance for fake trading because of its peer-to-peer exchange.

Control over funds:     

In the decentralized platform, you will have complete control over your funds and wallets. There is no one to access your accounts without your permission. It is not possible in the centralized exchange as they are at increased risks. Hence, the above are a few reasons that you should consider using Solana-based decentralized exchange. But you need to learn about the platform features because it can be a little complex than the others.