Want to move Bitcoins into your bank account?

When you own crypto currencies such as bitcoins whose value is greater than any other currencies and wish to convert them into cash, there are things to be done. If do not know what to do then you are right place, as this article will guide as well as help you in attaining this process. But before you convert them to traditional money, you have to know its value, so 1 btc to inr this help you in finding it.

Methods to convert BTC to cash

Following are the best ways to move your cryptocurrencies into any of your bank accounts in the form of cash:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange – The first as well as the easiest method to sell your virtual money and also withdraw resulting traditional money directly into your account is by selling your bit coins on a digital money exchange and there are numerous exchanges out there.
  • Bitcoin ATM – You can come across thousands and thousands of bitcoin ATMs around you and if you are near one, you can make use of it in order to exchange your crypto money for cold or hard cash.
  • Bitcoin debit card – You are allowed to sell your bit coins and in exchange of that, you are able to receive a prepaid debit card so that you can spend money.
  • Exchange in person – You can also acquire fiat cash by exchanging your electronic cash to anyone, who need to get bitcoins and be sure who have given your crypto currencies to the person you trust the most.