Enjoy Delicious Food of Italy at Santoni

Want to enjoy the fresh and delicious Italian food in Australia then you can visit the Santoni Pizzeria which offers authentic Italian food. This restaurant situated in the Hawthorn in Australia where you can experience the best Italian food in all around Australia. Their chefs are great and use the local ingredients to make the seasonal food which gives the rich heritage and creates with love so that the food lovers will enjoy the authentic Italian food in Australia without visiting any problem. They have the unique dishes in their menu which make the customer full and make you happy while you eat the food in this restaurant. If you have been looking for the best Italian food restaurant in Australia, then Santoni is the only restaurant where you can rely on and have a portion of great Italian food for your lunch and dinner. If you visit the Santoni restaurant, you must try the 5 Pizza and Beer Pairings with your friends.

By visiting this restaurant, you will get the feeling that you are in Italy because the entire environment of the restaurant is maintained according to Italy, so the customer will get the feeling that he/she is sitting in place of Italy. If you want to try the Italian food which is fresh and made of fresh ingredients, then this place is must visit for you. This restaurant started in the year of 2007, but it gains the huge popularity in the year of 2014 right after the 7 years of this restaurant when it’s founded. This restaurant theme is based on the Sant Antonio Abate which is the great places for the pizza lovers. At Santoni, you will easily celebrate and enjoy the authentic Italian food and also enjoy the art of Italian cuisine in Australia.

Italian foods in Victoria

After the opening of this restaurant and people of Australia love to enjoy the delicious Italian food, the owner of Santoni expand their restaurant. They made three different levels in the restaurant in the top of the restaurant you will enjoy with your friends by sitting in the rooftop bar and also get the chance of watching the majestic views of the Glenferrie Road which is iconic in Australia. If you want to enjoy the Italian foods in Victoria, then don’t go away from the Santoni restaurant. Their menus are made from the fresh ingredients and flavors which cover the best food in Italy, and it becomes the special destination for the people of Australia who wants to enjoy the authentic taste of Italy.

If you want to host a little part for your special friends and family, then you can visit the Santoni place which gives you the environment of Italy, and it is better to place for the small get together. They have different spaces in their restaurant for hosting the party with the bar in the rooftop. The lunch and dinner menus of Santoni are also available in this restaurant if you want to book for the minimum booking of 10 people or more than 10 guests in your party.