The Ultimate Guide to Impossible Burgers

Initially discovered in 2016, the impossible burger is one of the most preferred meat-free fast food.  The food was found in a Californian-based vegan tech brand, known as Impossible Foods. Ever since, impossible have got unending love and preference by vegans and omnivores, with most restaurants and fast food centers offering it in their menus. Let’s learn more about the best burger Hong Kong to help you with the buying process.

Where is the Impossible Burger Got From?

All the stories, facts, and assumptions you’ve read or heard about the impossible burger are somehow real.  First, the impossible burger is a ground beef-like meatless burger with an almost the same texture and flavor as animal flesh.  The first impossible burger to be made was created initially from potato protein and wheat. The latest impossible burger to hit the market was created from potato protein and soy, which makes it gluten-free.

The latest version of the impossible burger features the Soy hemoglobin and heme flavor, which makes it taste exactly like beef. For those who don’t know, Heme is a widely known iron-packed compound found in bacteria, flora, fungi, and fauna. It’s the contributing factor behind the metallic aftertaste of blood in humans.


How Sustainable is Impossible Burger?

Animal meat is healthy and delicious, but based on agricultural predictions, slaughtering animals for meat affects the environment significantly. That’s because the number of animals killed every day is more than the ones born each day. Impossible burger is created from plant-based products that can be organically sourced with minimal to no footprint. Its discovery is one of the best ways to provide a more sustainable approach to encourage the eating of health burger without slaughtering thousands of animals every day.

Is It Healthy?

It’s possible you are all wondering if the impossible burger is a healthy diet for human consumption. Of course, it is. It wouldn’t have got all the media audience and popularity if it was not safe for human use. As you know, there are critics always ready to criticize any discovery, ensuring it does not move beyond the media advertisement. The mere fact that the impossible burger triumphed over the wrath of all those critics to achieve its current reputation is a clear indication that it is a good and healthy diet for vegans and meat-eaters who want to enjoy health meatless burgers.

Impossible burgers are undoubtedly an excellent diet for those who want to eat healthy without exposing the lives of the meat-producing animals to risk of extinction. There are many joints from where you can discover the best burger Hong Kong with minimal to no research. Wherever you decide to buy your impossible burger from, make sure you are eating a highly sustainable and plant-based burger.