4 reasons why you should have a birth certificate with you

For any human being residing in any country, the birth certificate is the first vital record to possess. It does not only act as the proof of existence but also the proof of citizenship at the minor age. Apart from these, there are several reasons form which the presence of the birth certificate in Mumbai is vital. Four leading reasons are discussed below:

School Admission

The birth certificate of a child is mandatorily be checked by most of the schools around the country. They demand it to verify the right age of the child. Moreover, it acts as a crucial preventive measure against impersonation.

Any remarkable exams at the school level like the boards are incomplete without the verification of the birth certificate. The date of birth for a candidate will be mentioned in the admit card of the board exam as per it is mentioned in the birth certificate.

Getting a Passport

You will crucially need to provide your birth certificate to the authority while they issue your passport. So, travelling or immigration to a foreign land depends vitally on the presence of a valid birth certificate. You can expect police verification of your passport before your passport is generated.

Issue of a Licence or Certificate

Driving licence is one of the most important documents a person can have. An authority generates any licence after severe verification of the pre-existing documents. You can expect a severe test of driving to be carried upon you while your records such as a birth certificate or the voter card and all other documents to be checked thoroughly.

The registrars demand the birth certificates of the newlywed couples before issuing marriage certificates. You must make sure that both the birth certificates of you and your partner are produced before the marriage registrar.

A birth certificate verification can also be done before a trade licence is delivered to you. It is also useful for bank loan seekers as bank professionals can have a clear idea about your age.

Proof for Legal Issues

There are several legal issues for which all your identification documents might be checked. Property related matters often give rise to the questions regarding you being the real hire of your parents. Your birth certificate can be the best proof that you might provide to the court.

There are higher chances for any legal proceedings related to properties to be in your favor if a valid birth certificate is present.

So, these are the detailed aspects for which having a birth certificate can be the best for you. If you have still not applied for a birth certificate, this is the high time to visit the administrative office in your area and seek the necessary help. There is a chance for you to get legal support from the advocates to pace up the process of the generation of your birth certificate. Once you get the birth certificate, you will be free to deliver it to several places that demand it.