How to Book an Ambulance in Bangkok

An ambulance is a specially equipped vehicle that’s designed to carry patients in an emergency to the hospital. A medical emergency can arise at any point in time, and taking timely action is of paramount importance. The difference between life and death could come down to a mere few seconds, so it’s important that you call the paramedics right away.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about the right protocol for calling an ambulance, and it often ends up costing precious few seconds. If you are in Bangkok, there are ambulances readily available at all the major hospitals. But, you have to be careful with a few things. Thailand’s healthcare is one of the best in all of Southeast Asia, and it’s very important that you take timely action to save the life of someone around you. Here are a few tips or booking an ambulance in Bangkok.

Use a Mobile App

This might surprise most people, but many local hospitals, especially the private ones, have now created mobile apps through which you can instantly call an ambulance right away. It’s one of the best options and spares you the hassle of calling and giving instructions over the phone. Just open up the app, press a button and an ambulance will be dispatched to your location right away. The ambulance follows the location in your mobile, so it’s very important that you keep the location turned on.

Explain the Problem

However, if you don’t have a mobile app, you can still call an ambulance directly from your phone. Just pick up your mobile and dial the emergency helpline. If you know of a hospital nearby, you can dial them and they will send an ambulance as well. However, many people tend to panic when it comes to calling an ambulance. They are unable to explain the route properly and fail to alert the authorities about what the patient might be suffering from. If you notice any clear symptoms, make sure to let the paramedics know clearly. Also, it’s important that you avoid moving the patient too much. This is incredibly important in case of an accident. Moving a patient around can just cause more injury to them. Make sure that you listen to the paramedics’ instructions on the phone before taking any drastic action. Avoid doing anything that might endanger the patient’s life any further.


It’s obviously better if you can explain the route to the paramedics while an ambulance is dispatched. Just ask them where they will be coming from, and then guide them to your location in the shortest possible manner. It’s obvious that you will be shaken up because of what’s transpired, but it’s important that you keep your senses in check and explain everything as clearly as possible. The paramedics will arrive in a shorter period of time and more importantly, they will be equipped with all the right tools to help the patient as quickly as possible and potentially save their life.