Sadigh Gallery – 4 Ways to Help You to Determine Whether Gold Coin is Fake or Not

Collecting ancient gold coins is a hobby many people around the world with the time and money love to pursue. However, most connoisseurs are aware that it is essential to have the right connections in the proper places to ensure you do not end up gathering fakes. To avoid a rip-off, you need to gather as much information as possible about the origin of the coins you wish to collect and how it come into the previous owner’s possession. After all, ancient coins made from gold have a timeless charm and value to them that appeals to people of all ages. Collecting and maintaining such artifacts in the proper manner goes a long way in enhancing their value over time.

Sadigh Gallery – How you to spot a fake ancient gold coin?

Sadigh Gallery is a prominent family-owned gallery in New York specializing in the buying, maintenance and sale of affordable ancient art and artifact from around the world especially coins.  Their experts say as long as people continue to consider gold to be a priceless, counterfeiter will go to any extent to replicate ancient coins made of this metal and sell it to collectors as originals. However, there 4 convenient ways you can use to spot fake coins and avoid a rip off without being a professional in this field:

  1. Magnet test

Most people are unaware that gold unlike other metals available on this planet is not magnetic. This information may even come as a surprise to you. However, this data can be useful in determining whether particular set of ancient gold coins are fake or not even if it is not exclusive test. All you need to do is pass a strong magnet across the base of the ancient gold coins you intend to buy for your collection. If they attract, you know the coins are made of a cheap base metal rather than gold.

Determine Whether Gold Coin

  1. Scratch test

To be able to conduct this test, you need to use a non-glazed plate made of ceramic. Then, you need to use the ancient gold coin you propose to buy to create a scratch on the surface of this metal. If the color of this scratch is not black but gold, then the coin is genuine. However, you need to be careful while carry out this test because you may end but damaging the coin you wish to buy. This is reason why these proficient experts from this popular gallery say it always prudent to hire a professional in this field to carry out the test.

  1. Density

Unlike other metals, gold is very dense. This makes it convenient for you to carry out a suitable density test on the ancient coins you wish to buy and collect to determine whether they are genuine or not.

The proficient experts from Sadigh Gallery say the above test will go a long way in determining whether or not the ancient gold coins you intend to buy are genuine or not. However, they go on to point out that it is always prudent on your part to visit a dealer in such artifacts with a good reputation in the market. Such a step can go a long way in preventing you from being a victim of a rip-off.