The Revolutionary Idea Of Shipping Was The Concept Of Storage Containers!

Today the whole world has become a global market, where the goods which are the specialty of one country, are exported to the other and vice versa. This strengthens the economy of the country and helps in sustainability. The most important equipment required during the whole procedure is the “storage containers” used to transfer the goods. These storage containers are also known as 0shipping containers, dry boxes, cargo containers, etc. The whole process of exporting and importing depends on these containers. These have to transfer the goods without any harm to them, thus have to be tough and of premium quality.

·        What are the common types of containers made?

The process of packing up all the cargo is known as containerization. This process does not only ensure the safety of the cargo but also improves the cargo carrying capacity at a time. Thus, this process of containerization is the revolutionary idea changed the whole process of shipping in a drastic way towards betterment. There is a variety of goods which have to be transferred, thus the containers are available in various sizes, facilities and materials depending upon the requirement. The most common sizes in which these containers are available are, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, etc. The most common material used to make the containers is steel. As it is the most durable and strong material to make the container. The steel storage containers have the greatest life, as compared to any other material. However, the containers can also be made of aluminum, some polymer material, reinforced polymer, etc. Again, depending upon the requirement.

The steel storage containers generally have corrugated walls at the bottom and top. The walls are welded, to hold them firmly, with the rails and the end frames. There is a whole process of how these containers are made, which start with a big roll of the sheet. And then with the help of machinery and skilled men the final product is finished by spraying paints. Generally, there is no color coding system, however some companies or organizations might use a definite code.

·        Types of variations in the containers

The storage containers can have various variations in their openings. These are

  1. Double door container- These are also called tunnel containers, as they have swinging openings on both the sides of the containers. They are available in 40 and 20 ft. These containers need proper locking systems as they can be opened from both sides thus can be dangerous.
  2. Open side door container – As the name suggests these have access only from the one end. The body, construction is almost the same as the double door container, the only difference is that it opens from one end only.
  3. Custom door container – Unlike the other, these provide the customization option. The doors in these containers are provided according to the requirement. The doors can be at the center, sides or the ends.

These containers used, can be made wind and watertight also if there is a need. The type, material, access points all the features of the storage containers depends on the cargo which has to be transferred using it. However, the only common characteristic is the durability and strength of these containers.