What are the features of the best face recognition door access devices?

Most biometric locks are designed to replace existing door hardware, although heavy-duty models may offer additional security bolts. The specifications should indicate a minimum and maximum thickness of the door and you will need to verify that the lock fits facial recognition for door access.


Don’t forget that your biometric lock must be physically secure. It is not very useful if a thief can simply lock a screwdriver into the handle and open it with the lever. Tamper-proof / burglar-proof locks are very popular. Note that some biometric locks have strong electromagnetic latches rather than physical latches or latches.

Weatherproof: If you want to install your biometric lock outdoors, make sure it is specified as such – many are not. If you live in a particularly hot or cold place, check the operating temperature parameters. Outdoor models sometimes have a sliding cover to provide weather protection and hide the fingerprint scanner and keyboard until needed.

Biometric prices of locks

Inexpensive : The cheapest biometric locks we’ve found cost between € 80 and € 100.

Mid -Range: There are many great devices in the € 120 to € 200 range. These are strong, safe and reliable – just what most people need.

Expensive : Smartphone compatibility usually means you’ll pay € 200 or more. Exterior locks are also generally more expensive, as are some of the design-focused models from premium brands. High-end biometric locks can cost over € 400.