Communication and interaction problems with others

The autistic child already develops some communication and interaction problems with others at preschool age . Often, infants with an autism spectrum disorder pamper themselves and make eye contact in atypical ways. Although some children with autism spectrum disorders become agitated when separated from their parents, they may not turn to them for safety as other children do adhd kids therapy singapore.

Older children often prefer to play alone and not engage in interpersonal relationships, especially outside the family. When interacting with other children, they often do not use eye contact or facial expressions to establish social bonds , and have difficulty interpreting other people’s moods and expressions.

They may have difficulty understanding how and when to enter a conversation and recognize inappropriate or rude words. All of these factors cause others to see them as weird or eccentric, thus leading to social isolation.

In adulthood, these symptoms can become less important or worsen , also depending on the precocity with which the disorder is discovered and intervened.

Problems related to the behavioral sphere

The symptoms of autism spectrum disorder can be divided into two main macro categories: socio-communicative deficits and behavioral alterations . Let’s see together what it is and what are the most common signs.

Socio-communication deficit

Children with autism have a delay in language development despite hearing normal. Each case can have different degrees of language difficulty.

Sometimes, the child may speak but use out-of-context expressions or incorrect syntax. The rhythm of sentences can also be altered , as can body language or other non-verbal behaviors used to communicate.