Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews- Understanding Lumbar Disc Herniates Better!

Your spinal disc plays an important role in the lower back of your body as it is a shock absorber between the vertebrae that supports your upper body. It permits a wide range of movements in all possible directions and in case the disc herniates, some of its inner material tends to leak. This causes a series of complications as it can aggravate a nerve and cause pains in the back that later can go down into the leg as well.

Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews- How do herniated discs begin?

Dr. Karl Jawhari is the Founder of Dallas Spine and Disc Center in the USA that specializes in treating people with chronic back problems and pains. He says that the symptoms of a herniated disc generally begin for no reason. It may start when an individual picks up heavy objects and suddenly twists his or her lower back. Many patients come to him for treatment of mild to chronic pain. The Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews are good when it comes to patients being healed and cured of the pain they suffer from due to a herniated disc. When people move they feel pain, numbness or tingling sensations that places additional stress on the herniated disc.

He says that many people across the world suffer from herniated discs as it is a widespread medical problem. The average age of a patient that suffers from this problem ranges from 35 years to 50 years.

How does the lumbar spine herniate?

 He explains that there is a tough ring on the outside of the annulus that protects the jelly like substance inside each of the disc in the vertebrae. This ring is called the nucleus pulposus. As a person ages the body undergoes wear and tear. It is here that the discs of the vertebrae lose a bit of the jelly like fluid that makes them spongy and flexible. This results the disc to become hard and flat. This medical process is termed as disc degeneration. This condition begins very early in your life and it can be detected in imaging examinations that are taken in adulthood.

Arrest pain and discomfort with the right medical doctor

Once the stress or any kind of pressure is placed on the spine, the outer ring of the spine generally cracks and tears. This takes place in the lumbar spine and the pressure is pushed to the spinal nerve root that is located nearby. This material becomes inflamed and its interior might irritate the affected nerve. This results in shooting pain that affects the leg and buttocks.

If you suffer from numbness, tingling sensations or mild to acute pain in the lower back region or neck, it is wise to consult a doctor. The Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews are positive and he has helped many patients arrest pain and return to normal life with treatment. A herniated disc needs proper medical attention and this is why always consult experienced and reputed doctors in the field for treatment and cure!