How can babysitter help working mom?

Usually postnatal period is the time where every woman gets stressed and faces lots of issues. To manage their health and take care of their child, most of the women need help of someone who can help out with lots of issues regarding their daily routine. It needs lots of stress to carryout everyday task and gets health complications. You have to get along the helping hand of confinement babysitter. For that you have to consult a nanny agency Singapore. They will help new mom to take care of their things and child. Usually nanny will carry out following basic things. They are

  • Cook 3 meals a day for mother
  • Give general baby care for the whole day
  • General housekeeping services starting from sweeping, mopping and so on
  • Performing laundry works for both mother and baby
  • Prepare bath for mother and assist the new born bath
  • Assist mother in breastfeeding
  • Gives additional care and confinement tips

Since all these actions are delivered to new mom, it needs perfect care and guaranteed service. As you choose to hire nanny service, they will provide the guaranteed service, experienced confinement, hassle free life and lots of knowledge about the confinement care. Mostly nannies provide confinement care for 28 days from the days of appointment. This means until mother gets stable to take care of her child and gains knowledge about the work of baby care. It will help in understanding lots of new things and nannies are the source apart from doctors to guide you about baby care tips.