Is the Winstrol safe for men?

For men, this steroid has three possible adverse effects on the body. However, they are not all assured, and it varies from person to person and the diet they have while taking this steroid. It is possible that it can raise blood pressureand cholesterol level. This steroid’s adverse effects on cholesterol levels can be controlled if you are a healthy adult. In the beginning, when you are deciding to get it or not, if you know that you are a patient of high cholesterol, then you must stay away from it. Still, if you want to acquire it, then you should go for a piece of expert advice or take it in low volumes. As an average man, you do not need to consume more than 50 mg every two days.

Uses of steroids for women

When it comes to the women, they can take no more than 10 mg as a recommended dose option. Other possible effects of this steroid are the loss of hair and the development of acne on the skin. In these two situations, these negative reactions are very dependent on genetics. In any case, if you are not prone to hair loss, then there is nothing to worry about any adverse reaction like damage or loss of the hair. The same is true for acne. Once you know these possible side effects of the Winstrol, you decide to go with this steroid.

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