Phentermine: Side effects and Withdrawals

Phentermine is a drug medically prescribed by physicians for kick-starting the process of weight loss. This is not a regular medication that can be obtain edover the counter or at a normal gym, but is a prescription only drug. This particularly effective drug is so hard to get hands on because of the side effects it exhibits in the patients.

A medical practitioner who is aware of this drug and can monitor its effects on the patient is essential to have a smooth and safe weight loss journey. This drug is effective because it acts on the central nervous system and results in appetite suppress. Phentermine is used in obese patients with risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But patients with pre-existing heart diseases, hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure are not given this drug as it aggravates the conditions.

The drug should be taken as per the dosage and timings suggested by the doctor and there should not be any changes made to it without discussing it with him first. The main reason for being so cautious while taking this drug is due to its side effects. And even when stopping the drug usage there is a procedure to follow. This is attributed to the drugs withdrawal symptoms which are very strong and can affect the overall health of the patient.

Side effects and Withdrawal of Phentermine

If a patient is allergic to the drug, he/she may have reactions such as wheezing, chest tightening, hives, trouble breathing, swelling of extremities etc. He should be rushed to the hospital on the onset of these symptoms and the medicine should be discontinued immediately. Withdrawal causes feelings of nausea too.

Though a patient is not allergic there are several side effects associated with thisdrug such as insomnia, rise in blood pressure, heart pounding etc. If any of these symptoms feel like they are goingbeyondthe acceptable limit the doctor has described then it is in the best interest of the patient to approach him.

But keeping all these aside, the main issue with Phentermine is its withdrawal symptoms. Phentermine is a Schedule IV drug of the controlled substances classification. This means that there are chances of withdrawal seen when the medication is stopped abruptly. Once a patients stops using the drug for whatever the reason is, he/she can come across the withdrawal symptoms which make the patient realize the dependency the drug has created for the body. This is seen because when taking Phentermine the person feels more energized and euphoric. And once it’s stopped all these feelings disappear. And the human body starts craving those feelings.

Withdrawal of Phentermine also causes feelings of nausea and fatigue. The best way to treat these is to get proper sleep, diet and exercise. Exercise in general releases the feel good hormones so they help to make the withdrawal easier and feelings of restlessness, weariness should not come in the way of exercise. Fatigue goes away in a few days. Insomnia, depression and inability to concentrate are various other withdrawal symptoms which too go away if the patient stays away from the drug and follows the physician suggested routine.