What is the treatment for hernia and how it is fixed?

A hernia is typically treated with surgery. We have three types of hernia surgery

They are:Open hernia fix, Laparoscopic hernia fix and Robotic hernia fix.

Types for Hernia Repairs

  • Open hernia fix

Open hernia fix is the place where an entry point, or cut, is made in the groin. The hernia sac containing the swelling digestive tract is distinguished. The specialist then, pushes the hernia back into the midsection and strengthens the stomach divider with stitches. Most patients will want to return home a couple of hours after surgery and feel fine within a couple of days. Strenuous movement and exercise are limited for four to six weeks after the medical procedure.

  • Laparoscopic hernia fix

Laparoscopic hernia fix utilizes a laparoscope, a slim, telescope-like instrument that is embedded through a little entry point at the umbilicus (belly button). This method is typically performed under sedation, so before the medical procedure, you will have an assessment of your overall condition of wellbeing, including a set of experiences, actual testand an electrocardiogram (EKG).

You won’t feel pain during this medical procedure. The laparoscope is associated with a little camera, more modest than a dime, that projects an inside view of your body onto TV separates the working room.

The abdomen is swelled with a harmless gas (carbon dioxide), which makes space to permit your PCP to see your interior structures. The peritoneum is sliced to expose the weakness in the stomach divider. Mesh is set within to cover the deformities in the stomach and strengthen the tissue.

After the surgery is finished, the abdominal entry points are shut with a line or two or with surgical tape. Within a couple of months, the incisions are barely apparent.

Advantages of laparoscopic hernia medical procedure incorporate three tiny scars as opposed to one bigger cut, less pain after medical procedure, a faster return of work and a short recovery time.

  • Robotic Hernia Repair

Robotic hernia fix is a types of hernia surgery, like laparoscopic medical procedure, utilizes a laparoscope and is acted in a similar way little cuts, a small camera, swelling of the abdomen, projecting inside view of abdomen onto TV screens.

Robotic medical procedure contrasts from laparoscopic medical procedure in that the specialist is seated at a control centre in the working room and handles the surgical instruments from the control centre. While robotic medical procedure can be utilized for some more modest hernias, or weak regions, it can now also be utilized to remake the abdominal wall.

Probably the greatest contrast between laparoscopic medical procedure and robotic medical procedure is that the utilization of the robot gives phenomenal three-dimensional pictures of within the abdominal. Robotic medical procedure also permits the specialist to effectively utilize join to sew tissue and meshes inside the abdomen.


Therefore, though hernia is treated with typical surgery but still we have different techniques. Based on the severity your doctor may suggest the treatment for you.