Gravity water purifiers – a synopsis

Water purifiers have become an absolute need in today’s lifestyle. With pollution and contamination everywhere, even the drinking water is not spared. Out of the 70% of water that the Earth is consisted of, even less than 1% of it its fresh water which is fit for human consumption. When that water becomes contaminated with microbes and other microorganisms, we get water purifiers to kill them and from preventing them to reproduce. Even these water purifiers are of different types, where each type targets one certain problem of the drinking water and solves it.  You might think you have the best water purifier in India, but you need to know everything about your water purifier to be able to say that.

What Is Gravity Water Purifier?

One of the types of water filters is the gravity water purifier. It has amazing benefits when it comes to cleaning and purifying the drinking water. But what is a gravity water purifier? In simple words, it is the machine that filters polluted water and gives you clean drinking water with the help of gravity. This water purifier has two chambers, variant you pull the contaminated water in the upper chamber and then when you draw out the water from the bottom chamber that it is already filtered water.  All the germs and contamination is filtered in between these two chambers. The best part about this kind of water purifier is that, it does not need any kind of plumbing or electricity to function. You just have to pour the water and then get clean drinking water.

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How Does This Purifier Work?

When you pour the contaminated water in the upper chamber, there is an element in the upper chamber that filters the water. This element consists of microscopic pores that attract the different contaminants in water and the germs stick to them. The water then passes through those microscopic pores to the lower chamber. Then when we pour out the water from the lower chamber what we get is clean drinking water.

But these days since there are a lot of manufacturers that manufacture gravity water purifiers, a lot of them may contain other elements apart from microscopic pores that filter the water. But the idea and the structure remains the same. Any kind of gravity based water filter will have two chambers and the mediator in between that will act as the filtering agent and filter out all the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from the water. The best water purifier in India is nothing but the one that does its job properly.

The bottomline is that every single individual should have access to clean drinking water.  A lot of people opt for gravity water purifiers because they are so easy to operate and run perfectly without electricity. It is all manual, but with minimum efforts from your side. You just have to pour the water in the upper chamber and wait. That is what makes this the best water purifier in India.