How to Remove Possum from your Roof

The natural habitat of the possum is the hollow of trees, but because of the rapidly disappearing natural habitat, they had to adapt to human homes. Because these creatures are extremely territorial, they are not easily moved, especially if they decide to seek refuge in the attic of their home.

If the possum began to call your roof home, there are several ways to remove it

  • Try moving your possum to a temporary home by building a waterproof home, or you can call your local office.
  • If possible, enter the attic to find where the possum nest is located. You should place the possum nest in your new possum house, as this will encourage it to adapt. The possum can be grown near a tree in the courtyard, about 4 meters above the ground so that it is out of the reach of cats and dogs.
  • Use half a banana or apple in your new home to prompt him to investigate. You should also cut branches that stick out from or near your tree to make sure you no longer have access to your roof.
  • Sprinkle some quasi shavings to keep possums away from your roof. This will help push away possums because these chips come from quasi-plants, which tend to live Melbourne Most equipment and pharmacies sell these chips. You can also order them online. On the other hand, if you cannot find quasi-chips, you can beat off the possum using eight camphor blocks or two boxes of high-quality mothballs scattered on the roof. However, camphor and naphthalene balls should not be used simultaneously, since it is known that they react with each other.
  • Place the light in the cavity of the ceiling and hold it for three days and nights. This combination of light and smell will remove most possums from your roof, and possibly the house you built for them on the street. So if you don’t listen to the possum for a couple of nights, then you have successfully deleted it. Then, to prevent it from returning, you must fix all the access points to the ceiling using wire mesh and wood. The best time to block access at night.

What to do if you caught a possum

After possum removal in Melbourne, it is best to rerelease it in the forest. However, the problem here is that the shrubs have almost no negative territories, so releasing them here will mean that you have to compete with other possums for food and shelter in an area that would otherwise be unfamiliar.

Make friends with possums

Providing a home for the possum family is an excellent way to encourage them to stay and state that their yard is their territory. This possum ensures that others do not come close. Making friends with the possum, you will become part of the conversation on this type.