Tips to Keep Your Old Carpet Fresh and Beauty

Re-carpeting your floor is a more expensive way, and it also incurs the extra cost of installation and labor fee. To avoid this and to save more money, you can keep your old carpet fresh using regular carpet cleaning services. Steam cleaning is getting more popular nowadays and is the best alternative for traditional cleaning services, as it has amazing benefits and is the more versatile method. Here, they use the evaporated water, which is steam, to clean the carpet by heating the water to a certain temperature by the hot water extraction method. You can choose the best steam & carpet cleaning Melbourne services for both commercial and residential cleaning.

The major advantages of carpet steam cleaning are:

  • It will help to perform the deep steam cleaning and remove the dirt from the carpet and improve the elegant look of the carpet.
  • Sucks all the water soon and offers a quick drying time.
  • It will not cause any harm to the carpet fiber and keep them in good shape instead and helps in cleaning the deepest debris, odors, germs, and toughest stains from your carpet.
  • Helps in killing infectious pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and mildews. Keeps your family healthy by getting rid of allergy-causing microscopic organisms.
  • Helps to eliminate pet urine smell and prevent mold growth.

Steam cleaning highly aids in extending the lifetime of the carpet and to maintain the original beauty of the fiber, perform the deep cleaning every 1 year or 18 months once. The frequency of cleaning is depending on the vacuuming frequency, carpet color whether it is dark or light, and life-stye of the family and household.

When you are performing carpet cleaning,

  • Remove all the items on the floor and the furniture and move them to another room.
  • Cover the wooden furniture legs with aluminum foil sheets, as it prevents them from moisture during the cleaning.

While hiring the professional service, you need to consider the factors like,

  • Check for the reviews online, company information, experience in industry, website, and authenticity.
  • Surf through the listing and check for the reputation, license, and cleaning techniques they use.
  • The cost they charge per steam cleaning service.They should do the guaranteed cleaning which fits your budget.
  • Availability and flexibility of the professionals during an emergency.
  • Choose the service which offers quality work to keep your home and workplace clean, and uses eco-friendly biodegradable products which need to be safe for kids and pets.
  • The cleaning service should be safe, effective, and comprehensive.
  • They first assess the carpet and come with the approach to clean depending on the stain level.
    • If it is a regular stain, they will use pre-spray shampooing.
    • For the heavy stains, they apply their biodegradable products to clean the fiber deeply.
  • They must sanitize the home, deodorize it to keep the fresh look for your home.