Applying for Canadian experienced class visa

Are you applying for Canadian experience class visa?

That’s indeed a good decision to immigrate to settle in Canada but in order to live there you need to have to apply for visa of Canada and get permit to stay there permanently. There are many programs under which you can apply for visa to live in Canada. One of these programs is Canadian experience class visa.

Before we tell you about what are the requirements of this visa. We shall first explain what is Canadian experience class?

CEC or Canadian Experienced Class program is the category of employees which are not from Canada but are working in Canada. If you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada then you should know what the procedure is and what the requirements for this program are?

 To get visa or permit for permanent residence in Canada you need to pass certain eligiblility tests and should have few crucial specifications.

Eligibility criteria for Canadian experience class immigration program:

  • Specifications about work experience
  • You must have work experience under any authorized Canadian organization within stipulated time period of 3 years from the date of application.
  • National occupational classification has defined set of rules for immigrants who want to apply under Canadian experience class visa. According to which applicant is assigned a skill level according his experience in work. The skill levels which are assigned by NOC are: 0 skill level, A skill level and B skill level.
  • Duration of work experience must be of more than 12 months under an authorized company or firm.
  • Full time or part time that does not matter but minimum worked hours should exceed 1,560 hours in total.
  • Education specifications required
  • It is not an important term to be asked while applying under Canadian experience visa but it awards bonus point to the applicant.
  • You should have been a student of an authorized Canadian school.
  • High school diploma and senior secondary diploma can also fetch you points.
  • Language
  • You should be well familiar with English language and be proficient in writing, reading, listening and understanding.
  • Other things you need to know
  • You should apply for any province except Quebec.
  • You must be admissible to live in Canada.

Reasons for the refusal or unsuccessful applications

Recently, Canadian experience class news reveals why are many of the applications under this program are cancelled and not successful in getting visa. You can go through it so that when you apply you make sure you escape these mistakes.

Reasons for the refusal of the applications

  • It happens that document sometimes does not match properly.
  • Discrepencies under NOC codes.

So, if you are permanently working as an employee in Canada then, you can apply under this program to fetch yourself with visa and get permanent residential permits. Also, we will recommend you to hire a consultant who can help you in filling your application so, that your application is not refused.