Gifting Idea for Your Rocker Chic Best Friend

A best friend’s birthday is the day every friend looks forward to mainly because we want to gift our best friends the best birthday present that they truly deserve. But picking up a present for a friend who has completely different tastes in music, lifestyle and even food can be quite challenging especially if you are picking up a surprise gift for them. If your best friend is into punk rock and loves the entire rocker chic look which is a complete 180 degree from your personality, then it might get difficult to pick a gift.

Here are a few ideas for gifting you friend who is into punk rock and loves the rock and roll life –

Custom dark flowers and chocolates

Instead of the usual bright flowers like sunflowers, roses, daisies, etc., choose deeper and darker colored flowers like violets, blue exotic flowers, black roses, black sunflowers and other such deeper shades that compliment her over all dark punk rock personality. You can’t gift her bright flowers especially if she is not a girly girl and is more of a tomboy personality. You can also get a box of assorted chocolates to compliment this bouquet of flowers. Choose flavors of the chocolates that she usually likes and add some nice custom messages on all the chocolates of even on the box of chocolates. Any website that does online flower delivery in Jodhpur can customize gifts like chocolate boxes for delivery as well.


Things like lava lamps which have dark neon colors create the perfect environment for the bedroom. You can also gift her a portable power bank so that she never runs out of charge when listening to her favorite punk rock music while travelling. If she doesn’t already own one, a portable speaker is a great electronic gadget to own especially because the charge stays on for a minimum of 6 hours which makes it the perfect travelling buddy or even if you just want to enjoy some good music in your balcony! Your friend can listen to all her favorite music using these speakers and will definitely cherish this gift for years to come. If your friend is an avid collector of old school music vinyl records, then you can gift her some best sellers for her birthday!

Clothing and accessories

You can gift her that biker jacket that she has been eyeing for a while and those combat boots too! If these are way over your budget, you can buy her a few grooming accessories like handbags, sunglasses, caps and even jewelry that has the hardcore punk rock look and feel to match her personality. Don’t forget beauty accessories like some smoky eye makeup eyeshadows, kohl liners and dark lipsticks for that rocker chic look. You can pack all of these in a fun goodie bag with a personalized note inside of it. You don’t even have to go overboard with your budget when shopping for these items because you can easily get these on sale online from gifting sites that do online flower delivery in Jodhpur as well.