How to Choose a Jockstrap for Yourself

The main factor to consider in buying a jockstrap is the size. You simply have to make sure that it fits you to a T. You have to remember that the jockstrap size is not the same as the jean size. The safest way is to use the tape measure and measure your body. Wrap the tape measure around your waist and write down the measurements. You may also use a string. Just wrap it around your waist and once both ends meet cut the string and use a ruler to measure it.

You also need to consider if you want the jockstrap to keep it in place or you prefer some room for movement. This has to be considered more if you are to engage in active sports. When you determine the size of the jockstrap, remember that it’s not only the string. You also have to consider the cup size. Not all brands list down the cup size so for your own convenience take note of your jockstrap size range. It’s likely that the jockstrap has a size chart. Take note of your waist measurement and also check the cup size that this corresponds to. Cups are made up of metal or hard plastic and it has holes in the material to ensure ventilation. For low contact activities you can opt for the flex cup or the soft cup which is more comfortable.

You may also have some color preferences for your jockstrap particularly the fashion jocks while sports jocks often just come in one color which is white. Yes, the fashion jockstrap differs from a sports jockstrap. That’s why you also have to consider your usage for it.

If you decide to get a sports jockstrap to use for more intense physical activities, you may need to buy a separate cup for the crotch and the groin’s protection. You just have to be careful since this can chafe due to consistent contact.

For extra protection, you may wear another layer of underwear underneath the jockstrap. You may wear compression shorts under the jockstrap for extra protection in that area. Another option is comfortable briefs or athletic trunks.

There are certain sports that have specific jockstraps such as swimming. You can find swim jocks that often come with narrower waistbands to make sure that it is set in place while the swimmer cruises the water.

For winter sports, there are windproof jocks. They all have an extra layer of fabric to provide insulation and protection against the cold and strong winds.

Make sure to choose the material that you are more comfortable to wear. The best option would be a breathable material especially since the crotch sweats easily. Choose a jockstrap that is made of nylon, mesh, or cotton.