Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Meaty Needs

Are you a huge meat lover and meat eater? Or do you have a business where meat is hugely involved? Whatever the reason may be, looking for the perfect choice of meat and cuts is essential and could make or break your appetite. Actually, it also depends on what kind of dish you are cooking, so ensuring that you have chosen the right type of meat and meat cut is vital. This is especially true if you’re a professional chef whose specialty is meat dishes. Finding the best meat wholesalers Melbourne will also help you tremendously in the type of meat cuts you need.

University Meat is one such meat wholesaler in Melbourne that offers meat in all cuts and sizes for both the home and foodservice industry. They offer the best kinds of meat, which you can easily choose from through their website. Let the meat speak to you at University Meat and determine how it can give you the best kinds of dishes.

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The Best Place to Shop for Your Protein Needs

When it comes to searching for the best kinds of meat and meat cuts, University Meat is the place to be. They have all kinds of meat, like pork, chicken, duck, lamb, veal and beef. It’s the best place to shop for your everyday protein needs. The best part is they have specialties for both home use and trade. This means you get to enjoy the wide range of meat choices from University Meat. And if you own any kind of food service business, whether it’s a restaurant or a hotel, they can deliver it straight to your establishment with zero hiccups.

Providing Australian customers with the best and highest quality of meat is their specialty, and University Meat has been doing this since 1960. You can’t deny that they are one of the best when it comes to providing meat to the top food service businesses in different parts of Australia.

Premium Meats from the Most Trusted Brands

University Meat is known for working with the top meat brands that offer nothing but great service and quality to its customers. It’s the one-stop-shop for high-quality meats. Some of the brands they work with are 36 Degrees South, Country Cooked, D’Orsogna, Bertocchi, Casalingo Smallgoods, Prestige Foods, Paramount, and Kilcoy. These kinds of meats have been used by famous restaurants, hotels, caterers, and amazing food services in the industry. But don’t worry because if you’re looking for a way to enjoy these at home, University Meats can take care of that as well.

Experience eating meat with the best kind of quality from University Meat. With their many years of experience in the meat industry, you will not be thinking twice about ordering from them again. Taste only the greatest quality of meats in the Melbourne area now.