Stay in a Hostel When You Backpack

If you backpack, you evidently want to save money while traveling. Therefore, you want to stay in a hostel as it is a more cost-effective solution to staying in Phuket or another location in Thailand. When you stay in a hostel, you will meet other backpackers and have more opportunities to socialize with people who share your love of backpacking.

If you are budget-conscious and like to backpack, you need to locate a Phuket backpacker hostel where you can stay while you are exploring Phuket and the surrounding area. You can stay in private rooms that are clean and nicely furnished or you can stay in a ladies’ or mixed dorm; it is up to you and what you can afford to pay.

Co-Working Spaces When You Cannot Backpack or Hike

If you want to work and backpack, you can find co-working spaces in some of the backpacker hostels in Phuket and Patong in particular. This way, you can build your enterprise while you travel and experience the sights and sounds of Phuket and beyond. You can access super-fast WiFi that goes up to 100MB in these places. You can also use a hot desk and be privy to meeting facilities.

One of the best locations in which to stay is the heart of Patong Beach. Not only will you be extremely close to the beach (a three-minute walk) but you can also access the Bangla Entertainment Hub in only five minutes when you walk. If you would like to know more about walking tours, ask the tour desk at the hostel for more information.

Schedule a Walking Tour Through the Tour Desk

You can take walking tours as well as attend full-moon parties and participate in snorkeling or island-hopping activities. Therefore, you may not know what you will be doing when you enter the hostel. However, you will have your plans made after visiting the tour desk.

The hostel you choose in Phuket, close to Patong Beach, may also offer workout activities such as Thai boxing. Get a good start to the day or sweat out the toxins that come from partying by participating in a good session of Thai boxing.

Check out the dining facilities at the hostel too. Find a site that features a restaurant that provides an all-day breakfast menu. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You might as well be able to get your eggs, fresh juice, or bacon any time that you wish.

Some of the Other Amenities

Also, check out the hostel’s swimming pool, self-service laundry, and dedicated games area. You should be able to access the laundry any time that you want. Where do they serve coffee? This is another important amenity at a top-of-the-line hostel.

If you are a backpacker who wants to experience the best amenities at your hostel location, review the accommodations near Patong Beach in Phuket. You already know that this is an excellent place to take a hike if you have backpacked in Thailand. Find a place to stay that is as equally as excellent.