What are the future of smart devices and smart homes?

The strides that are being achieved by science have been unprecedented. It was in 1889 that the head of the United States patent office as at then, Charles Holland Duell, made a very interesting statement. He believed that everything that can be invented has already been invented, thereby implying that there can’t be any new invention in the world. However, since then, we have witnessed some very great and significant inventions including the airplane, helicopters, colored television, colored photography and videography, and the Internet among several others. Another interesting innovation that is recently gaining waves and being improved upon is smart devices and smart homes.

What are smart devices and smart homes?

Smart devices are mainly computer-like and they can automatically do things. They could be programmed to do things at a particular time every day or after a particular time. Furthermore, they sometimes seem to have the ability to learn. An example of a smart device is the traffic light that helps in directing traffic. Closer to us now, we have computers and mobile phones that are smart. They make it easier for us to do a lot of things. Some smart devices are customized and created to make smartphones. An example of such a smart device for smart homes is a smart door that could open and close based on voice recognition or fingerprint. There are also smart devices that you could command to sing a particular track or ask a question about a topic.

Smart Homes

Smart Lighting

Another smart device that is increasingly used in houses is smart lights. They are normally led light fixtures that could be automated. You could decide when the light comes on or off as well as how bright they could be. There is also the fact that they have great aesthetic effects as they could show in line with the rhythm of a music that you are playing on your phone. Another important of smart lighting is the fact that it can go a long way to reduce your utility bills by saving energy. If you want to know the types of modern lighting and ceiling light lights available as well as how they can be used, you can read LBC smart lighting reviews.

The future of smart devices and smart homes

Engineers are currently working on artificial intelligence that would be able to think like humans and make a decision. A lot of progress has been made in this area. For instance, it is now possible for smart lights to detect movement in a room, come on and focus on that area. They can also come up when the room or environment is dark and go off. Other smart devices you can find in homes include microwave, televisions and sound systems. Very soon, virtually every electronic and other parts of the house will be made smart. These would include furniture, mirrors, wardrobes, cupboards, tables, refrigerator and virtually every object in the house. The implication will be that with words, sounds, and security like fingerprints, you will be able to control every single object in your house. With time, you might even make your roof to slide in with a button or a command (not that it is not possible now, but probably too expensive for a house).