The Urban Alchemist – A Detailed Information

The Urban Alchemist is a place where one can get overall treatment for the body and the soul. This health center where health and healing care is taken is in Melbourne, Australia. It has been serving our fabulous community for almost seven years now. It has evolved into one of Melbourne’s most popular wellness hubs, helping the clients attain perfect health that they may live their life more in a lively manner, free of diseases.

In Urban Alchemist, the treatment line is mostly holistic, and they believe that the treatment should start with the underlying cause of one’s illness and not just the symptoms and provide good health that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment:

One of the main benefits of holistic medicine is that it does serve to treat the whole person and not just the current symptoms. By finding the root cause of an addiction, for example, a person could be more likely to avoid relapse. Holistic treatments comprise many methods, which are both traditional and alternative medicine, but the soul aims to ultimately build a more balanced sense of self.

The Urban Alchemist

Elements of a person’s Self:

The main four elements of a person are explored and brought into balance, which can greatly aid the recovery process. The four elements are namely Mind/Body/Soul/Environment. The principle adopted The Urban Alchemist is that to heal, one must first explore the cause or mindset that triggered the disorder. Toxic and negative thoughts should be eradicated and replaced with positive ones. To redirect the thoughts and behavioral changes, Holistic medicine can encourage an individual who will ultimately lead to a blissful life.

Treatment at Urban Holistic Offices:

Following are the treatments at Urban Holistic Offices:

  1. Massage Therapies in the following categories:

1. Remedial

2. Relaxation

3. Holistic

4. Ayurvedic

5. Sports

6. Pre-Natal…etc.

  1. Psychological Treatments such as;

1. Clinical Psychology

2. Counseling

3. Hypnotherapy

4. Quit Smoking…etc.

  1. Integrative Health:

1. Naturopathy

2. Acupuncture

3. Traditional Chinese Medicines…etc.

  1. Integrative Health:

Integrative health includes Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicines. Naturopathic care is an integrated approach to healing, combining evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicines with diet and lifestyle therapy. A naturopath treats both the symptoms and the underlying cause of illness. In this way, naturopathy encourages your body’s own innate healing ability by improving your vitality. Naturopathy seeks to treat complaints holistically, taking into account all aspects of your health. Naturopathy works harmoniously alongside traditional Western medicine and compliments other moralities beautifully.

Energy Healing Services:

Energy Healing is a growing field that encompasses everything from Sound Healing to Reiki and weird and wonderful. It can sound a bit woo-woo, but the reality is that science is catching up with all the magic that exists in the world. We are beginning to understand the subtle interplay between the energetic vibrations in our bodies and our external environment. True energy healers are ‘divinely-gifted’ humans, who, for whatever reason, can sense aspects of that subtle energy and work with it. Energy work is not the kind of treatment you can measure, but you can experience it and judge the results for yourself.