6 tips for water heater maintenance and installation

A water heater in India needs much care than any other electronic device. Though manufacturers try providing the best parts for constant dealing with heating and cooling, even the best parts can wear down if put under continuous pressure. All the workers from https://www.unitests.com.au/ are experts in their work and look after the water heaters properly.

Some tips for maintaining water heaters are listed as under:

Save electricity by lowering of temperature:

Water heater maintenance is important for saving electricity as well. If you use it at a lower temperature, it will have to work less increasing the life of the geyser as well. Having warm water then very hot water will also help in reducing the chances of accidental burns. Lowering the temperature is necessary if you have any children in your home.

Water Heater Maintenance

Checking of the pressure releasing the valve:

It is imperative of checking whether your pressure releasing valve is in good condition or not. You can check this by reducing the pressure a couple of times. It turns out to be a major valve issue if the water is leaking. In that case, it is good to remove the discharge tube. Just drain some water from the geyser, replace the valve, and you are done.

Do not keep the geyser switch on for long periods:

People prefer keeping their geyser switches for extended periods mostly in the morning. People are always running late for work in the mornings so they prefer to keep it on. But today’s geysers are so advanced that water gets heated up in less than 5 minutes. So switch it on only for 5 minutes and once you get hot water, you can switch it off. You can also take help from experts from https://www.unitests.com.au/ as they know extending the life of the heaters in a pretty normal way.

Putting the heater at sufficient height:

Experts always suggest putting the water heaters at 1.8 meters to 6 feet from the floor. This helps in ensuring that the water heater gets the sufficient pressure that it requires for working and you get strong water force flowing rather than a tinkle.

Getting annual maintenance done:

If you have no experience of repairing your geyser than you should call for an expert for getting maintenance done annually. This way you can stop any water heating problems right from the start. They will also help with the cleaning of the geyser for the fresher flow of water.

Replacing the plastic inlet with metal ones:

It is better to use metal inlets as they are heat resistant and the standard plastic ones can get damaged within a year. Also, check the joints regularly for any kind of leakage.

Keep your geysers in proper conditions for using the same heaters for years.