How To Maximise E Commerce Sales Through Social Media

One of the most important tools in modern-day marketing is social media and by managing this area correctly it can turn your online store into a world leader. The most powerful advertising is word of mouth and by utilizing social media you can get people buzzing about your products. In this article, I will help you understand what you need to be doing to get the most from this format of advertising to take your ecommerce store to the next level. Traditionally when people think of an online education they are thinking of distance education. With modern technology and new communication channels changing at a rate that can not be kept up within traditional learning classes, we see that the value of online learning is getting increasingly more important.


Facebook is the number one social media site and it has billions of daily users each and every day. It works very well with ecommerce products and it is estimated that around 38% of sales in this sector are generated through social media sites.

To correctly manage your Facebook page you need to post content that will engage with your users. It is also a great platform to hold competitions or have discounted coupons. If done well it will result in your products and posts being shared and liked. If someone of Facebook recommends your products it can result of lots of sales as the users will trust their friend’s opinion on the product.


Before you write an article or post any product for sale on social media sites you must first carry out extensive research on the words and phrases that potential buyers are searching for in relation to the product. One great site to carry this out is keyword which is free and will give you all of the most popular keywords for your products. Make sure that these are in the post title, content and meta description so that your product ranks for these.


It is important to stand out when posting social media posts which is why using top quality imagery is vital. A picture is the first thing that users see and it needs to be able to get their attention so that they click for further details. Having great visuals is also a fantastic way to increase your shares and like so will help boost your brand on social media sites. If you want to be successful on image only sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, it is the most important aspect.


Reviews are essential for most online businesses as they give potential users the trust that they can buy through your site. Having lots of reviews will also help to boost your site in social media rankings which will result in more clicks along with more sales. It can be difficult hearing negative comments about your business but the feedback is essential if you are going to improve your user experience.


There are thousands of users who have millions of loyal followers who look to them for inspiration. Reaching out of influencers is a great strategy as if they recommend you it will help to encourage their followers to buy your products. It can be very cost-effective and some will even do it free of charge if they love your products you are selling.


It can take up a lot of time managing your social media channels to maximise sales. Make sure you focus on only the top few sites and make use of automation apps to streamflow the process. Once you have built up a large loyal following it will not only increase your sales but also the asset value of your business which is why it is a worthwhile investment and one you should not miss out on.